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Application that Modifies your Car

Check out the best apps to modify and tune yours!

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If you have a car, you've probably already thought about modifying it to make it your own, with your identity. Whether with a change, wheels, stickers, changing the exhaust, insulfilm, flashlights and even sports tires or something like that. So we decided to write this article to show you that you can modify your car using the app. After all, something very interesting, as it gives you a preview of what it might look like before you start spending on your baby. Furthermore, it gives you a very interesting experience as the image shown in the app. It's very realistic. In other words, it matches the real appearance of your car.

Modify cars with app
Modifying Car 3D Tuning – Image Reproduction App

In this sense, with the app, you can select several cars from different brands, whether sports or popular. As well as carrying out the tuning and modification with very realistic environments, getting very close to the real thing. Nowadays, having a car has become essential, in addition to being a means of transport, many people use it to work. However, Tuning gained strength in Brazil, especially after the film “The Fast and the Furious”, a movement that is growing every day.

And having an application that helps you modify your car is a great help, especially if you are a fan of modified cars. Anyway, there are several applications that can fulfill this purpose, we will present you with these applications, which we have selected. With them, you can modify, discover more cars, luxurious, sports and popular, and the best available on Google Play and App Store. Continue reading and check it out below.

Tuning Brazil 3D

Firstly, we present the Tuning Brazil 3D, as its name suggests, this app is used to tune cars found in Brazil. In other words, well-known cars in Brazil, with a wide variety of cars from various brands. I.e, Fiat, GM, Honda, Ford among many others, as well as popular and luxury cars. And it fulfills the objective, with customization/modification being up to the user. The app has several tools to modify and transform, all in 3D, to make it as real as possible. And you can view the car from different angles.

So this app has several cars that we know, are popular and loved by all Brazilians. As well as, Gol, Palio, Uno, Doe, Opala, cars from the past generation that still shine in the eyes of many. However, if you are more interested in newer cars, you also have the Onyx, Focus, HB20, Saveiro, between others. Likewise, the app presents luxury cars such as Civic It is Corolla between others.

Modifying your car with Tuning Brasil 3D is very easy, the app has a simple and intuitive interface and layout. But, unfortunately, this app is only available for the Google Play platform. In other words, for Android devices, it's free and doesn't take up much space on your cell phone. However, rest assured that the next apps are available on Google Play and the App Store. If you want to download Tuning Brasil 3D, click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website

Below, the next apps are available for IOS and Android, so read on to learn more about these apps. Other very cool options, which can fulfill the objective of simulating the modification of your car.


Secondly, we present the app 3D-Tuning, which is very popular with users, after all, if it comes to customizing cars, this one does an excellent job. With more than 1000 car models available, with all different colors, designers, years and brands. In other words, you will have several cars to modify, from the oldest, most current, sporty and popular. As there are several cars, you will probably find the car you have in your garage to simulate the modification.

Peugeot 206 in 3dt
Modifying Car with 3DT – Image Reproduction App

With this app, the user can use various tools to modify and customize, from the exterior and even the interior of the selected car. This way, you can change the wheels, headlights, suspension/lowering, air intake, fenders and bumpers, etc., on the outside. As well as the car interior, seats, mirrors, accessories, and much more. And all in 3D to give the modification a realistic tone, to resemble the real thing.

Finally, the app is available for Play Store and App Store, that is, Androids and IOS, and the coolest thing is, it's a free app to download. So you have fun guaranteed, and we make the application available for download, just click the button below, if you are interested. It is worth remembering that unfortunately this app is in English and there is no translation into Portuguese yet.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

If you don't want to download this app, rest assured that there are still other app options that we want to present for this purpose. However, these two apps that we discussed manage to deliver what is proposed very well. Including 3D-Tuning, you can create an account to log in whenever you need, and thus unlock more functions available in the app. Check out other apps below!

FormaCar 3D Tuning Car & Truck

And another app for modifying cars, FormaCar 3D Tuning Car & Truck with 3D adjustment, which offers several interaction options. In other words, the app contains automotive news, car modifications, spare parts catalogs in 3D kits for cars, and wheels. Furthermore, you can simulate a drive around the city with the car you modified. You can simulate as car mechanic builder and vehicle construction games.

Therefore, the application has a very intuitive layout, and shows us high quality images, it can also use the AR (augmented reality) system. So you can see any car in 3D, the app is very easy to use, in all functions, modifying or building the car. It doesn't matter if you like more common or sports cars, you can even build trucks using the app's adjustment tools.

With this app, you have a multitude of functions available at your fingertips, being able to modify them by changing wheels, tinkering with the engine and painting cars, you can build cars and trucks, and much more. Anyway, this app can be found in both Google Play and App Store to download. So if you want to download this incredible application, click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

The app is very fun, and delivers what it proposes well, it has some functions in addition to modifying cars. However, the application is in English, that is, it has not yet been translated into Portuguese. Continue reading and see another application we selected for you.

Relegated Elite Brazil

And finally, we brought you a really cool, open-world game inspired by the streets of our Brazil, but it doesn't go beyond its purpose, in it you can modify cars. In other words, popular and even luxury cars that we see on the streets of Brazil, such as Gol, Golf, HB-20, Saveiro, Pálio, Audi A3, Amarok, Camaro and many others. You create a character in the game, and you can make it your own. With the car, you can go to parties, take a stroll around the city. And besides, in this game, you can and should stop at gas stations to fill up.

Brazil elite relegated app
App Rebaixados Elite Brasil – HB-20 – Illustrative Image

Therefore, it becomes fun, and even about modifying the cars, you can downgrade, by sound, change the paint, wheels. As well as changing and adding accessories, such as xenon, changing the lamps, windshield, and the interior view is available. All this in the game, in 3D from various angles, after all in 360º, that is, for the user to have better interaction. It is also possible to open the trunk, doors, hood and even activate the windshield wipers.

Anyway, you can download this app on any of the application platforms, Google Play and App Store, for free, for your device. So we made it available for download, if you want to have fun with this game. Modify, demote, customize your character, and walk the city streets in Rebaixados Elite Brasil. Click the button below!

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

This game is highly rated in app stores, always keep it updated to avoid bugs and crashes. And thus a better experience with the application, to have the most fun modifying your cars.


We at Poucas Ideias are grateful that you made it this far, we hope you enjoyed the article. We have separated four applications that we consider good for the purpose of modifying cars. With the exception of the last one, which is a game, all the others deliver well, and we recommend any of them. Anyway, we hope it helped you, and if you liked it, share it with your friends. We wish you a great week, a big hug and see you next time!

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