Apps That Simulate House Painting - Few Ideas

Apps that Simulate House Painting

See which apps can help you choose the new color for your home!

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Whenever we want to change the look of our home, we think about painting the walls. However, you need to think carefully before starting to paint. In addition to having to worry about color, texture, whether it will match the furniture, and time. And even with all this, it will be something that really meets expectations, and you will like the end result.

And when you think about it, usually with the help of a professional, we can get an idea of what the house might look like once painted. However, until an agreement is reached, it may take time, and there is also the risk of it not being as expected.

Living room
Living Room, painted wall – Illustrative Image

And that's why we thought about writing this article, thanks to current technology, we can simulate the environment, with different wall colors. This way, when you start painting your house, or hiring a painter, you will have a better idea of what the space will look like. So, at Poucas Ideias, we have put together some apps intended for this cool and helpful function for people who want to paint their homes. Below, see the apps that simulate wall colors and help you when painting your house.


A very well-known paint brand, which in turn has a very useful application, which simulates the color of your walls. The app has a very simple and fluid layout to use, in addition, the app reproduces your Suvinil paint catalog. In other words, something very interesting, as customers do not need to go to the representative and consult the catalog of available paints. So just download the app to have the entire paint catalog at your fingertips.

The Suvinil app presents its new version, with several tools and resources, with the aim of obtaining and testing ideas, as well as combinations, and simulating what the environment looks like. The app seeks to help you choose paint from start to finish, with very useful resources such as more than 1500 paint shades, trends. As well as exclusive palettes made by partner architects, special effects with the brush in the Suvinil painting guide. And another interesting feature, take photos of something that inspires you and discover related Suvinil colors.

Well, if you're going through the experience of painting your house, walls or any room, it's worth downloading this app. That's why we make it available, click the button below to download. The app is free and available in both app stores, Google Play and AppStore.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Previously, we mentioned some functions of the app, however there are several others that promote this application. And another really cool function, the user can create folders and save the colors they like the most. This way, you can return to your favorite color selection more quickly.

Coral Visualizer

Another paint brand app well known to people, Coral paints, now with its Coral Visualizar app! This application, like the other, has an easy-to-use layout and the possibility of simulating the colors of your home or the environment you want to paint. The Coral Visualizar app allows us to explore the entire range of Coral products and colors. This way, the user can be more comfortable and faster when choosing the paint color.

With the new Coral Visualizer, the user has several of the app's available functions at their fingertips. Some of these functions include seeing the paint colors on the walls, using AR technology, in other words Augmented Reality. Furthermore, like the other mentioned above, it can save colors inspired by anything around it to simulate in your environments. Finally, this app can be downloaded for Android and IOS devices, that is, Google Play and App Store.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

However, for the application to be able to change the colors of walls or environments, the device needs to have integrated motion sensors. In this sense, not all devices have this feature, often because it is an older device. But don't be discouraged, you can use the new Foto Visualizer to visualize colors using static images of the environment.

You can also share your simulations with your friends so that together you can create new looks for the environment.

Paint my Room – Experiment with colors

Another application to be able to simulate colors in your bedroom, living room, pantry, in your home in general. The difference with this application is the ease of the commands. Very simple and practical, just take a photo of the wall of your room or desired environment, and apply the selected color, with just a single touch. Pait My Room seeks to make life easier for people who are planning to change the color of the walls in their home or room.

paint my room app
Paint My Room App Layouts – Illustrative Image

In this application you can use the available colors to visualize the color of your home's facade. And of course, there are several other tools to use the application. As previously mentioned, in this app, the proposal is simpler, compared to the other two mentioned above. However, this is still a good option for download. That's why we put it on this list, so if you want to download Paint My Room, we leave the download button below.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android devices, that is, the Goole Play platform. But the good thing is that the app is free to download.

You will be redirected to the official website

The app does not take up much internal storage space on the device and is free to download. However, there are functions that are unlocked only by purchasing, that is, in-app purchases. The app has more than 100,000 downloads, so it's worth having on your device.

Final considerations

We at Poucas Ideias are grateful that you made it this far, we hope you enjoyed this article. We seek to separate the best applications that we consider to have good mechanics, ease of use, good tools, and, in addition, good user ratings. We hope that with one of these apps, it will make it easier for you to choose a new color for your home or environment. Anyway, we hope we helped, and we ask you to share it with your friends. We wish you a good week and a big hug. To the next!

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