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Applications to Find Free Wi-Fi Signal

See which are the best apps for locating Wi-Fi!

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We at Poucas Ideias have selected some apps with the function of finding Wi-Fi signal for free. You've probably lost internet on your cell phone, and unfortunately, it seems like this only happens when we need it most. And that's why it's a little difficult to always depend on the 3G and 4G signal. After all, not all regions of Brazil have good operator signals. So, with this in mind, we decided to write this article, to show you that there are apps that can identify public Wi-Fi networks, and even with shared passwords.

Connecting to Wi-Fi
Cell phone with Wifi – Illustrative Image

In this sense, with one of the applications we will mention, you will not always need to depend on 3G and 4G. This way you will have access to the internet in places with low/poor operator signal. Also, have internet in the places you usually go, freely. As well as having Wi-Fi whenever you disable your mobile data. Finally, continue reading and find out the applications that are available with this function.

Osmino Wi-Fi

Firstly, the Osmino Wi-Fi app, one of the best apps with this function of finding free Wi-Fi. The app presents a map with Wi-Fi signal access points, so the app automatically connects the user to available networks around them. Furthermore, the app also has a community, with hundreds of thousands of users around the world, sharing Wi-Fi passwords. And with around 120 million access points around the world.

Having the Osmino Wi-Fi on hand can be a great advantage, as it can increase the quality of access to social networks. Such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, among others, as access to such platforms is limited with poor signal. The cool thing about this app is that the map with the access points is always available, and when you approach an access point, it automatically connects.

And if you're traveling, you can discover the Wi-Fi access points available at your destination, using the Wi-Fi map. This application is available on both platforms, Android and IOS, that is, it can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. Anyway, if you liked this app and want to download it to your cell phone, just click the button below. Remembering that this app is free.

You will be redirected to the official website

It is worth remembering that this app contains online and offline maps, with free Wi-Fi points, access to public and private networks around the world, and that it works even without an internet connection. In-app purchases can be made. If you experience any errors in the app, you can contact the supplier via email: [email protected].

WiFi Map

Another app option with this same function, of finding Wi-Fi, a public network or discovering passwords, is Wi-Fi Map. Another app that has become a community with users all over the world, however, it works like a network Social. People share Wi-Fi passwords, internet access, and can even register using one of their social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This way, you become a member and can share the “Wifis” on social networks with your friends.

Using this application, you can find several places with a Wi-Fi signal, and also search for the nearest access points. And if someone is thinking about traveling, this app can be a good choice to always be connected to the internet. This app contains an extensive range of access points, with their respective passwords available. So for these and other advantages it is included in this article.

Likewise, this app also has the advantage of being able to download maps and use them offline. So a really cool function for anyone traveling by car, on highways where the connection is lower. Finally, if you want to download this app, it is available for Android and IOS, we make it available for download, just click the button below.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Another point worth mentioning, Wi-Fi Map only works while the equipment is in use, but this function can be deactivated in the settings. As the app is free, it displays advertisements at intervals, but does not prevent the use of the app. You can make in-app purchases.

WiFi Passwords by Instabridge

A cool and very useful app, with the same objective, but with a different “feature”, Instabridge – Wi-Fi Password. It does not exactly show the Wi-Fi network password, but it allows the user to release access points through public networks. In this sense, if you know the password for a public Wi-Fi network, you can open the connection point for App users. This way, you can share the network, or connect to other networks with the help of users. In other words, via the app through your community.

instabridge app
Instabridge app on cell phone – Illustrative Image

However, the platform presents a ranking of people who share who end up sharing passwords with the app. So, the more you share passwords, you gain higher positions in the rankings, and with that you help people who use Instabridge. This way, it shows the network points closest to you that have free Wi-Fi and are shared by app users. When showing the network point, it presents a map and shows how long it will take to reach the destination. Furthermore, you can save the network points, and even favorite the networks you use most.

Furthermore, this app does not block browsing, meaning that if you are using the shared network, you will be able to access the websites and social networks you want, without restrictions. After all, you can connect legally, using public and shared passwords using the app. This app is on Google Play and also on the App Store, which is why we make it available for download, click below.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Instabridge is a very good app, with more than 3 million Wi-Fi points, climb the Ranking and receive rewards. The app has several cool functions, such as showing Upload and Download speed, signal quality, among other things.

See other applications with this function

Well, there are several applications for this purpose, to search and find free internet. However, we have separated 3 of them that we consider to be good, for the function, and interesting tools. Some apps have a slightly different proposal, however, we have selected other good apps, with a different proposal from those mentioned above. If you want another one that we didn't mention, see the list below, and choose the one you like best:

  • WeFi
  • WiFi Finder
  • WiFi Warden
  • Free Zone Scanner Wi-Fi
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • WiFi Password Recovery

Remembering that some of these applications are only available on Google Play, that is, they are not available in the iOS application store, App Store.


When using public networks, you must take some care, as there may be people with bad intentions looking for vulnerable devices. People who seek to take advantage of personal information or gain access to data. In this sense, we at Poucas Ideias decided to leave some tips to help protect your device. Check it out below!

  • Always keep your device updated
  • Install an antivirus, and always perform an inspection/scan.
  • Always download trustworthy apps with above average ratings.

These are tips that help protect your device, there are several security apps, download the one you trust most. Furthermore, there are several VPN apps that help protect the network, a good way to protect yourself.

Final considerations

We at Poucas Ideias thank you for coming this far, we hope you enjoyed this article. We hope you enjoyed it, and that you can download one of these applications to always be connected to the internet. We have selected several apps that can find free Wi-Fi, and we have separated the ones that we think are good apps for this purpose. Finally, if you liked this article, we ask you to share it with your friends, so they can have free Wi-Fi. We wish you a good week, a big hug and see you next time!

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