Applications to Watch Soap Operas on Your Cell Phone - Few Ideas

Applications for Watching Soap Operas on Your Cell Phone

Check out how to watch soap operas on your cell phone, with apps. The best soap operas, now in the palms of your hands, so you can watch whenever and wherever you want!

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Are you a soap opera lover, but due to lack of time you can't sit on the couch peacefully to enjoy and watch them? Then this article is for you! Thanks to technology, many things that previously had a specific time and place, for example watching soap operas, it was necessary to have a television and set aside a fixed amount of time in the day so as not to miss anything.

But with the advancement of technology, this whole ritual is no longer necessary to watch a soap opera. Thanks to applications, we can both watch soap operas that have already been shown on TV and those that are just being released. You can even watch them Live on your cell phone!

Applications for Watching Soap Operas

See which are the best applications so you can watch your soap operas, whenever and wherever you want. Live or via the On Demand. The best Brazilian Soap Operas!

Although Rede Globo produces the most famous soap operas in Brazil, it is not the only broadcaster that produces soap operas. Therefore, below you will check out applications that will allow you to watch soap operas from Globo, SBT and Record, even Turkish soap operas from Band. Anyway, let's get to the applications:

1. GloboPlay

Globoplay soap operas
GloboPlay Soap Operas

Official application of Rede Globo, through which you can enjoy the broadcaster's programming remotely, and without much commitment to schedule. But the application is not limited to just watching soap operas, it is also possible to watch football matches, films and series. Just like Netflix, it has a large collection of content.

GloboPlay has two options, the free version, and the possibility of taking out a subscription. The difference between them is the availability of some content, and some limitations. But in the free version, you can watch all of Rede Globo's programming Live!

With a subscription, you can watch content at any time, without any limitations. The GloboPlay app is available for both Smart TVs, Android smartphones, iOS (iphone) and PCs through the official website. Below is the link to download, or directly access the service website:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Once you log into the app and create your account, it's easy to find Soap Operas. After all, the application has a specific category for Soap operas. But if you prefer, just click on the option, “Now on TV” to watch Live content.

2. SBT Videos

SBT soap opera videos to watch
SBT Soap Opera Videos

Official application of the Brazilian Television System (SBT), which has all the programming of the Silvio Santos channel, the Live programming, the programming schedule but it is also possible through it to watch all the Soap Operas that aired on the channel, or that SBT still has the broadcasting rights (the Mexican soap operas).

It is possible to use SBT Vídeos through applications for Android, iOS or through the official website. Below I will leave the link to download the applications or access the website:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Unlike GloboPlay, SBT Vídeos is completely free, all you need to do is create an account. The application also has the option to create profiles, which is ideal for people who will use the same application. Thus saving your playlist and preferences.

To watch SBT Soap Operas (Carousel, Carinha de Anjo, Cumplices de um Resgate, etc.) after accessing the platform, then scroll down a little until you find a list of categories, select the Soap Operas option. But if you want to follow the Live programming, just click on the Live category, or click next to the SBT logo at the top of the application / website.

3. PlayPlus

Playplus soap operas
PlayPlus – Programs

Official application of Rede Record, which in addition to having all of the broadcaster's programming, has mostly exclusive Reality content developed for the platform. Through it it is possible watch A Fazenda Live, or cuts!

Similar to all those presented so far, PlayPlus allows its users to follow both Rede Record's Live programming, as well as watch programs that have already aired. In other words, soap operas, reality shows, journalistic and entertainment programs.

The application has a subscription option, but there is also a free version with some limitations. The best option if you want to watch content at any time, especially those that have already finished their schedule, is to subscribe. But the free option, even though it has limitations, still allows the user to watch free Live TV, radio, as well as enjoy podcasts.

PlayPlus can be used on both Android and iOS smartphones (iphone), through the official website or in an application for Smart TV. Below I will leave the download link for the mobile applications, and the official website:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

To be able to watch Live Content or soap operas, simply select the option you want from the categories available in the application.

4. BandPlay


Finally, we have the official Rede Band application. Although she is not exactly known for her soap operas, which is not much of a tradition for the Bandeirantes broadcaster. But recently he has been investing in Turkish soap operas, which ended up winning the hearts of many viewers.

The application allows you to watch all of the broadcaster's programming completely free of charge, as well as participate in polls carried out live on the program.

BandPlay is available for mobile applications, for Android and iOS (iphone) operating systems, and does not have a Web version to follow directly on your computer if desired. Below I will leave the link to download the applications:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

A big positive point of the application, besides being completely free, is the fact that it contains an option to automatically generate subtitles. This is very important both for people with hearing problems and for people who are going to watch the content in noisy places, for example on buses.

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Anyway, these are some of the best apps for watching soap operas, and Live programming from your favorite broadcasters completely free of charge. If you liked it, share this information with your friends too! Did you see something wrong, or want to add something? Don't forget to comment!

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