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Best Apps to Learn English

Discover the best apps that will help you learn English!

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Learning English has become essential these days. This is why the demand for learning a new language in an easy, quick and accessible way has increased. And when we think about these attributes, we immediately remember our beloved apps.

There are several reasons to learn a new language, especially English. For it has become the universal language. This way, if you are anywhere in the world and know how to speak English, you will be able to communicate.

If you still don't know even the basics of English and need to urgently learn, the apps are an excellent option for those with a beginner or even advanced level of English!

Apps for studying English

So if your desire is to learn to speak English, or improve your command of this and other languages, we will show you which are the best apps.


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The first application option for studying English is Memrise a free application available for Android and iOS systems. There you will find free classes, ideas for those who are just starting to study a new language, and there is the option of an advanced teaching plan for those who already have greater knowledge.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

At Memrise you can learn not only English, but other languages such as Spanish and French, which are also in demand. And even more complex languages like German, Japanese, Korean and Turkish can also be found in this app.

Getting to know the Memrise app

A big advantage of the application is its super intuitive and easy-to-use interface. And you can choose where to start your studies according to your level of English. This makes your experience very good, as your study will be more targeted to your needs.

Before the start of each class, students can see the duration of each class, so they can prepare better. Another positive point of Memrise is its teaching method, which is divided into three parts.

In the first part, they expand the student's vocabulary, thus introducing new words to use in conversations. After this part of learning the main words, you will truly immerse yourself in the language. And the third step is the most important of all, practice.

This method makes learning light and easy to understand, avoids a flood of unnecessary rules, and focuses only on what is really important. This way, without a doubt, you will truly learn English.

Hello English

Hello english
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O Hello English It is also a free English learning app that has a version for Android and iOS. It is one of the best-known apps for studying English on the market, mainly thanks to its easy-to-access interface and unique teaching system.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

A very practical app for studying English, as it has different ways of learning. The most interesting of them is learning through conversion games that are super fun. In addition, for those who like to learn through traditional methods, it has more than 300 lessons.

Differentiator of the Hello English Application

The most interesting thing about this app is without a doubt the option to chat with teachers online! This way it is possible to clarify doubts, and also receive help with what you find most difficult. The content is attractive, as it contains audio lessons, videos and e-books, and the combination of these resources improves the student experience.

It is also worth highlighting the list of daily news that is published there. So in addition to practicing what you are learning, you also stay up to date with what is happening in the world. At Hello English you will also find a dictionary with more than 10,000 words with pronunciation available for listening.

Anyway, Hello English is really complete and will undoubtedly add a lot to your knowledge and learning. With excellent and diverse teaching options, you will be able to achieve your goal of speaking English.


App to learn English - duolingo
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There's no way to talk about an app for learning new languages and not mention the Duolingo, after all, this is one of the most famous and effective methods for learning English with an app today. Duolingo is free and has one of the best methods for learning English without complications. It is available for both Android and iOS!

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

He stands out for his direct and uncomplicated teaching method. It simulates games of mistakes and successes, making the student gain or lose points. Making the student learn in a different and fun way, immersing themselves in the content.

Advantages of the Duolingo app

Furthermore, the app can identify what the student is having the most difficulty with, repeating that content more often. In other words, the strategy that Duolingo uses is repetition, which is a great way to make things stick in your mind.

Before actually starting your studies, the application performs leveling to find out your level of knowledge of the language. By being able to advance in the lessons you already have mastered, your learning will be faster.

Final considerations

We hope these apps can help you on your journey to studying English. We know how necessary learning this language is, for personal and professional life. This way you will have greater opportunities to get to know the world around you and everything it has to offer.

So don't waste any more time, and start your studies from home. Totally free of charge, depending only on your effort and dedication. We wish you good studies and good luck!!

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