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Create your Realistic Avatar: 2D and 3D Photos

Discover the best apps to transform your photos into realistic avatars!

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See how to create your Realistic Avatar with 2D and 3D photos. You've probably seen several photos of realistic avatars on your Instagram Timeline. Both in 2D and also in 3D. Additionally, edit your photos and switch to 2D and 3D drawings. Change your photos with various cartoon options, such as Disney and Pixar characters. In addition, several other fun drawing styles, so you can imagine what you would be like in TV animations.

There are several applications that change your photos into 2D and 3D drawings, after all, leaving photos in drawings has become a rage on social media. Furthermore, you can share it with friends and have fun with new designs. It's worth remembering that you can change any photo you want to a drawing, “hand or 3D digital” drawings. That's why we've selected the best apps for you to download and edit your photos.

Drawing photos - lensa app
Realistic Avatar of Luiza and Vanessa – Image Reproduction Instagram

With these editing apps, you will guarantee several more likes on your social media profiles. And best of all, the apps are completely free to download, and are available for Android and iOS. Anyway, check out photo editing apps and change your favorite photos into 2D and 3D drawings.


Well, the Lensa app exploded, there are several artists and influencers posting their avatars on their social networks. And if you want to create your own realistic and hypar Just like influencers, be careful when reading.

Lensa launched in 2016, like several others, an application that edits photos. But it has several complementary tools to add a special touch to your photos. In this sense, what caught the public's attention was when artists such as Luisa Sonza, Luan Santana, Vanessa Lopes, Ivete Sangalo and other celebrities posted their own realistic avatar.

Lensa Avatars
2D photos of celebrities – Instagram Reproduction

And if you want to download the application, it can be found on both application platforms, App Store and Play Store. The app is free and if you want to download it on your cell phone, click the button below to install it on your device:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

This application is very simple and intuitive, but it only allows you to edit 3 photos per day. After editing and filtering the desired photos, you must download and save the images to be able to edit 3 more photos the next day. The application offers all the tools of a common photo editor, with general photo adjustment, and features filters, art styles, borders and can even change the color of the sky and background.

How is Lensa different from other apps?

What sets this application apart is Magic Avatars, a new Lensa tool that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence). This AI can create realistic avatars, from scratch, with realistic images, surprising scenarios and the best of high quality.

And so you don't have any doubts about how to create your realistic avatar and have a great experience with this app, follow the guidelines we made available to you, check it out:

  • Send at least 10 photos to 20 photos;
  • Use the same person in all photos;
  • Do not use photos of other people;
  • Preference for selfies and portrait photos;
  • Varied backgrounds;
  • Variety of facial expressions;
  • Variety of head angles;
  • Do not use too many photos in the same scenario;
  • No nudes;
  • No children, adults only

The application uses several photos to “train” the AI, but the final results of the photos/avatars will depend on whether the user allows the recommendations. In other words, it will be necessary to accept Lensa's privacy and policy terms.

Extra Benefits!

If you want to get the most out of the app, you have the option of subscribing. This way you will be able to unlock all of Lensa's functions and tools, including creating avatars. Unfortunately, to create your realistic avatar, you will need to activate your subscription, and payment can be made via giftcard or credit card.

Prices may vary for Android and iOS platforms Lensa offers Premium subscriptions, the average between:

  • Annual for US$ 29.99/year
  • Monthly for US$ 7.99/month

Or if you just want to release avatars, there are packages that can cost:

  • 50 avatars – with 5 variations and 10 styles R$ 34.90
  • 100 avatars – with 10 variations and 10 styles – R$ 44.90
  • 200 avatars – with 20 variations and 10 styles – R$ 69.90

It is worth remembering that the Lensa developers explain why it is not completely free. Because “The Magic Avatars It consumes a lot of computing power to create amazing realistic avatar for you. It’s expensive, but we try to make it as affordable as possible.” Therefore, the photos are ready in around 20 minutes, but with excellent quality. It is also worth remembering that prices may vary depending on the platform, Android or iOS.

How to create your Realistic Avatar?

1st Step: Tap Magic Avatars (little glowing face) in the top left corner and then “Try Now”;

2nd Step: Tap “Continue” and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Then tap “Select 10-20 photos” and upload your photos.

3rd Step: Choose your gender, Female or Male.

4th Step: Finally, choose the plan (mentioned above being subscription or number of avatars) desired and tap “Purchase for R$”.

Once this is done, just wait for the time necessary for the application to create your realistic avatar.

Change your photos into 2D and 3D drawings using apps

Another application that has become a rage on social media is ToomMe, for everything it has to offer, but not for creating realistic avatars like the others. This is a very simple to use photo editor that can change photos of people into animation, Disney and Pixar characters. So if you choose a photo of yourself, you will end up looking like a character from films like “Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin”, or “The Incredibles, or Up High Adventures”.

2d toonme photos
Illustrative picture

ToonMe is a free app and you can find it in both app stores, Google Play and AppStore. And if you want to download the application on your cell phone or tablet, whether Android or iPhone, just click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

ToonMe is one of the best known and most recognized applications for transforming photos into drawings. In addition to being a common editor, it has the mobility of several drawing filters, with cartoon designs. And in addition to changing the face, you can also change the entire body, making the photo/drawing more fun, so you can post it on social media.

Furthermore, it is worth remembering that this app has a very intuitive and simple layout, it shows several filters not only in drawing. This makes the application one of the most outstanding, authentic, and creative.

How to use ToonMe?

After downloading the application on your device, enter the app to make the necessary settings. It's nothing too complicated, notification activation buttons will appear, and you decide whether you want notifications from the app. After that, on the home page, simply select the photo you want to edit in the application. But it is worth remembering that you must allow the application access to all photos, when requested. Using ToonMe is very simple, choose the photo you want to have fun with 2D and 3D filters.

It is worth remembering that it is also possible to add gifs and texts to edited photos. Important feature that many photo editors don't have. And if you want to share, you can do it directly from the app. After editing the desired photo, in the bottom corner of the screen, click on the share button and choose the social network you want.

Anyway, ToonMe will be a great application for this purpose and some filters come close to the realistic avatar itself. However, there are other photo editor applications, with art and 2D and 3D themes, such as: Prisma, PicsArt Photo Editor, Clip2Comic and Photo Sketch Maker.


We at Poucas Ideias are grateful to have made it this far. In this article we present two applications, which transform photos into 2D and 3D drawings, with ToonMe and Lensa. Lensa became highly popular among users due to its function of creating realistic avatars. However, to unlock all functions, the user needs to pay. Both applications are very complete, and there are several others that can edit photos and leave them as 2D and even 3D drawings, some mentioned in the article.

Anyway, we at Poucas Ideias hope we helped you with the information about the applications, and that you enjoyed it. And if you liked it, we ask you to share this article with your friends. We wish you a great day, and a big hug. To the next!

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