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Discover the Best Apps to Watch Live Football

See which are the best options for you to watch football directly from your cell phone!

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If you are passionate about football, and want to be up to date with the latest news, team scores, and, above all, follow your team in a classic match, you should check out this list. We at Few Ideas we have separated it exclusively for you, football fan, the best apps to watch live football.

We can usually watch football matches on Sunday and Wednesday, where they are broadcast on open television networks. However, broadcasters do not always broadcast the game we want to see. As well, football games take place on other days. Some of these applications, in addition to allowing us to watch football, also allow us to watch news, free content, and competitions from other countries. In the end, we separated something incredible for you. Check it out below!

TNT Sports Stadium

Watch football - tnt sports stadium
TNT Sports Stadium – Illustrative Image

Firstly the TNT Sports Stadium, is a platform to watch live football, review your favorite games, best moments and goal compilations. As well as having access to the UEFA Champions League game catalogue. You can do all this through this app, with the freedom to watch wherever you want on your Smartphone, SmartTV Computer, Tablet. Furthermore, you can use it on two devices. This application is a platform for Esporte Interativo, which was once a television channel, but now only operates over the internet, and succeeds the old EI Plus.

However, to access the content, it is necessary to subscribe to the annual plan, that is, in 12 installments of 13.90, or the monthly plan of R$19.90. And it is available on Android and IOS platforms, below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


This application GloboPlay is a platform for streaming from Rede Globo, which gives access to films, series, and of course football games. Many people have downloaded the app, as it has the availability of all the content presented by the TV network. Therefore, you can watch soap operas, series, the newspaper, variety and sports programs, and Brasileirão matches. All of this, via your smartphone, computer, tablet, AppleTV or smartTV.

The platform currently has several plans that will differentiate themselves through additional channels, and even with Disnay+. However, you can subscribe for a price starting at R$19.90, this being annual, but if you prefer a monthly subscription, it costs a little more, starting at R$22.90. It is available for Android and IOS, below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


Apps to watch football - premiere
Premiere – Illustrative Image

O Premiere is a subscription channel, available on cable TV, such as Oi, NET, SKY, and now also available as an app, for smart devices. Thus, it belongs to Canals Globo, and aims to broadcast sports games, as well as the Brazilian Championships and Brazilian State Championships. It has exclusive content for subscribers, so you can watch games whenever you want. It is on this list because it is one of the best apps for watching live football. And it can be downloaded from Google Play and AppStore.

Like the others, this application has a monthly and annual plan, costing R$59.00 and R$79.00 respectively. And if you are already a GloboPlay subscriber, there is the option of paying an additional fee, in the form of a combo to also have access to Premiere content. With values of R$78.90 for the annual plan and R$84.90 for the monthly plan. Anyway, below is the link to download the app:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


This application is a sports streaming app that broadcasts national and international games, it is the first live sports streaming launched. In fact, in 2019 the app arrived in Brazil, broadcasting the South American Cup and the Italian Football Championship. It is owned by DAZN Group, which has investments in the media and entertainment sector. Finally, the platform can be accessed on various devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, SmartTVs, and video games, making it easy to watch live football.

The application allows free services for one month, after the deadline, it is necessary to subscribe for R$19.90 per month. It is also available on Google Play and AppStore, below for download.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


Another streaming platform dedicated to broadcasting programs, news and sports competitions. It is a North American sports channel, owned by ESPN Inc. and The Walt Disney Company. Furthermore, it is possible to follow national and international football championships, and even other sports, such as Basketball, Tennis and even Golf. Above all, it is dedicated to broadcasting such programming 24 hours a day.

Finally, you can watch football on your smartphone at any time. Like others, you need to have a subscription to access the services. And you need to be a subscriber to the cable TV channels of the ESPN and create a login. As well, the app is available on Google Play and AppStore, below for download.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


onefootball icon
OneFootebol – Illustrative Image

OneFootball is a football news app, live scores, about teams, players, championships, results, etc. It currently has services in 12 different languages. In addition to information about football, its difference is that it is possible to watch football live, so you can watch your favorite team play.

The application is available for Android and IOS and can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets and some smart devices. To access the content, you must register. It is also possible to watch national and international games. Anyway, below is the link to download the app:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website


As previously mentioned, we have something unmissable. All the other applications we mentioned depend on a subscription to provide services. But, would you believe there is a completely free way to watch live football on your smartphone.

First of all, we at PoucasIdeias thank you for getting here. And as a form of thanks we decided to give this bonus to our readers. So without further ado, to watch football live, just click the button below, wait for the site to load, and that's it. Just choose the football game that is taking place, and then you can follow the match.

You will be redirected to the official website

Finally, we hope you liked it, and if you did, share it with your football-loving friends. Until the next article, and a big hug!!!


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