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Find out which Celebrity you look like!

Separated in maternity ward? See which celebrities look like you!

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Someone must have already told you that you remind them of someone famous. Or you may have already noticed and thought you looked like someone... Check out the best apps for you to compare yourself to famous people, and decide whether you really look like them or not. You might end up surprising yourself!

Similar celebrities (javier bardem - jeffrey dean morgan)
similar celebrities (Javier Bardem – Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

How do I know which celebrity I look like?

There are no secrets to taking the test. It's actually quite simple, but we often don't know the name of the applications or effects to do it. After all, it is very common to post comparisons, but never inform how or where it was made.

These comparisons have become quite popular with filters on Instagram and TikTok, but these filters do nothing more than transition photos. In other words, you need to add an image for it to make the transition, but it itself won't tell you which famous person you look like. The filter of TikTok called Shapeshifting.

However, although it will make a transition, it is possible by adding a photo with several people, for example as was popularized with the image from the Marvel Avengers film. The filter will choose which person you most resemble. Therefore, choose images with several celebrities together when using the filter.

But some people report that with the same photo, but different people using the filter on the same cell phone, the result is always the same. Anyway, there is the possibility of using apps to find out which celebrity you look like, and that's what we're going to talk about now. The best apps to find out which celebrity you look like are:

Star By Face: Celebrities Alike

Vin diesel
Illustrative Image – StarByFace App Result

O Star By Face, or StarByFace Celebs Look Alike (name on iPhone), is an application whose central objective is to make a comparison between a user's photo and a collection of photos of famous people to compare. That's all, unlike some applications that have this function as an extra.

It allows the user to either choose a photo from their gallery or take one immediately to compare. Once the photo has been chosen or taken, the application will analyze elements of your photo, and present several photos of celebrities separated between male and female. It will show celebrities who are most similar to each other, creating a sort of ranking.

Star By Face is an excellent choice for having fun with friends, after all, by analyzing different elements of the face, some suggestions of “nothing like” celebrities will appear, providing moments of fun with friends.

Star by Face: Celebrities Alike, or StarByFace Celebs Look Alike is available for both iOS (iphone) and Android. Below I will leave the link to download the application.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Gradient: Al Photo Editor

Sosia vin diesel
Illustrative Image – App Gradient Result

With the same proposal but not as the focus of the application. Gradient is a rage on social media thanks to the various transformations it can make to photos. Transform photos into drawings, paintings, find out which famous person you look like, your nationality... there are several possibilities that this application provides.

One of its advantages over the previous application is that it presents a gradual transformation between your photo and that of the famous person you resemble. In that style of your photo becoming transparent until you become the artist.

But in addition to all these fun effects, the application also has a professional photo editor. Therefore, if you took a good photo, or liked the effect, you can still make edits to it before posting it on your networks, or sending it to your friends.

Gradient: Al Photo Editor is available for both Android and iOS, below I will leave the download link:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

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Anyway, these are the 2 best apps for making photo montages to find out which famous person you look like. But if you have any app suggestions, leave them here in the comments!

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