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Million Show Game: Questions and Answers with Sílvio Santos

Understand how the Show do Milhão game really works!

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The program Million Show was one of the most iconic on Brazilian TV in the 2000s, with questions and answers, and presented by the biggest auditorium presenter, the Silvio Santos! The great success was due to the award-winning questions, and who has never sat on the couch with their family to answer these questions?

To remind families of this great entertainment success, SBT created the “Show do Milhão” app, for you to have fun on your smartphone. And like the TV show, the app also allows you to win prizes.

Furthermore, to have the same experience as watching the program, the application has the same soundtracks. In addition to having the iconic voice of presenter Silvio Santos narrating the actions taken on the app. The game is available in two versions: free and the “Pro” or “Premium” version, where you register and pay a fee, so you can compete for real prizes.

Finally, if you want to know how it works, keep reading and learn this method of entertaining and earning! Next.

But how does the Million Show Game work?

Million show app
Show do Milhão App – Illustrative Image

The Show do Milhão app works with the same theme as the show, with questions and answers, if you watched the show you won't have much difficulty playing the app.

As previously mentioned, you must answer the questions presented, which are normally general knowledge. And each question asked corresponds to a certain amount, which increases in value as you get it right. For each question there are 4 alternatives, one of which is correct, that is, a 25% chance of getting it right. As you get it right, the value increases until you reach the question with a value of R$1 million.

One of the reasons the program is so successful. As well as in the program, the application has special aids, including:

  • Help from university students: Where the game can help by showing the correct answer.
  • Cards: Where the deck eliminates an incorrect alternative.
  • To jump: The option to skip up to 3 questions.

However, you can select and eliminate topics that you have less affinity with, and direct questions to topics that are more relevant to you. A great form of entertainment that brings knowledge, and can challenge your friends and test your knowledge.

Is it possible to win by playing?

As previously mentioned, the Show do Milhão app has two versions available, the free version and the Pro version, which you choose after installing the game. The free version has all game functions available. However, in the free version, advertisements are displayed at intervals.

And the other version is the “Pro” or “Premium”, for those who want to have a more real experience with Show do Milhão, thus having the chance to win real prizes. To do this, you must register and register your credit card to pay the monthly fee of R$9.90. In addition to having the chance to win prizes, this version is free of advertising ads, which can make you much more fun.

It is worth remembering that, to compete for prizes, the PRO version user must perform well in the game. In other words, the more you get it right, and the further you go in the game, the more chances you have of winning coupons to compete for real prizes.

Download Show do Milhão and start playing!

Download milão show
Illustrative Image – Show do Milhão App

Downloading is very simple, the game is available on the Google Play and AppStore platforms, your cell phone's application store, Android or IOS. There, just search for 'Show do Milhão Oficial', and click on download/Install. However, we provide download, click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Be aware that the official version of Silvio Santos' channel to install the application is the one produced by TVSBT Canal 4 de Sao Paulo S/A.

After installing the application on your cell phone, you will need some information such as name, etc., and create a login with a password. Once that's done, just start playing and in the voice of Silvio Santos, “compete for a million in gold bars, which are worth more than money”.

And to remember, the prizes won in the game are fictitious, that is, they are illustrative in nature and do not entitle you to any real prize, unless you have a Pro/Premium subscription, which can compete for raffle coupons distributed in the app.

About the Show do Milhão App

The game is very easy to play, and very intuitive, we tested it and played it. The user has up to 30 seconds to give the answer or request help, similar to the television program. Our test was only carried out on the free version, and it feels like you are actually participating in the program. This is due to Silvio Santos' voice, and the game's layout, it's a lot of fun!

The option to choose the topics of the questions becomes an advantage for users, as it is possible to cover knowledge in a certain area. And by being able to test your own knowledge with this application, you can learn more, as you can see the correct answer if you make a mistake. You can pause the game at any time, and return to where you left off without any problems. Furthermore, the questions start at an easy level and as they progress the level of difficulty increases.

Unlike the old computer version, questions are not asked randomly. There is an increasing difficulty in the topic chosen for the questions. Remembering that the game only works when connected to the internet. Finally, we can say that the game is a lot of fun, and can be a great application to pass the time and test your knowledge, even learn with it.

Expand the fun!

If you have a 'Alexa' At home, you can expand your fun! Gather your family and friends to play Show do Milhão using Alexa. Say, “Alexa, open Show do Milhão”, wait for the game to open and start the program's soundtrack along with the voice of Silvio Santos.

If a parallel game has not been closed, Alexa asks if you want to continue the game or end it. Always wait for Alexa to finish saying the question and the alternatives so you can answer. And if you need help, just say, “Letters”, “University students” or “Skip”, this way you will respect the desired action.

Anyway, if you manage to get to the most awaited question with a value of 1 million, you will not be able to request help even if you have it available. Because they are blocked, so you will only depend on your knowledge or your own luck.

Final considerations

We at Few Ideas We hope you enjoyed the article, and the objective is to provide you with more information and tips about the Show do Milhão App, to provide you with the fun you deserve. We ask that you share it with your friends, and a big hug!

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