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GTA San Andreas, Play on your Mobile!

See how to download and install GTA San Andreas on your cell phone!

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GTA San Andreas is an incredible game made by RockStar, which became known worldwide for games from PlayStation2. The fame of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, that even if you haven't played it, or it's a game, you've probably heard of it, and it's been years since its release.

Without a doubt, GTA San Andreas is a great, very fun game that has attracted thousands of people all over the world. And best of all, now you can have this game on your cell phone, and relive the moments when you completed the missions to complete the story, or made that “mess” in the city and received 5 stars.

In this sense, GTA SA (for the most intimate) can be downloaded on your cell phone. And don't worry, the game can be found on GooglePlay or AppStore. This way you can be confident that the game does not contain any malicious software or software that compromises the integrity of your game. smartphone. Likewise, in this article, we brought a bonus, so you can have a lot of fun playing GTA San Andreas on your cell phone. Check it out below!

Download GTA San Andreas on your cell phone!

Grand theft auto san andreas on mobile
GTA San Andreas on Cell Phone – Illustrative Image

Previously it was said that the game is available for GooglePlay, Android, and for AppStore, IOS. There aren't many secrets or difficulties with this, just access your smartphone's app store and in the search field, type the name of the game. In other words, search for “GTA San Andreas”, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”. RockStar is the developer, so this is the original version.

But another important piece of information is that, for IOS devices, the game is not yet available in Brazil. Above all, it doesn't prevent you from downloading, if you have an iOS device, just go to the AppStore settings on your Apple ID and change the Country/Region to USA/United States. The app is available in the app store in the North American region, so just switch and download the app to have fun. Below is the download link, click the button below!

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

The game for iOS devices has a free version, but it has limitations. But if you want to purchase the full version and have the full GTA San Andreas experience, it can be purchased at R$16.25. And coming back to Android devices, the game is priced at R$19.99. Well, you can purchase the game using a credit card, or by accumulating a balance on Google Play or the App Store.

To get the full version of the game you need to purchase it, but you also need to pay attention to the storage on your cell phone, as the game consumes 2.5GB of space. So confirm that your device has available space before downloading.

Why is it worth downloading GTA: San Andreas on your cell phone?

San Andreas for mobile is very faithful to what the game was for the PlayStation2 console, so you can play on your cell phone and enjoy the nostalgia of playing on the console. And in case you don't know the game, it's an open-world action-adventure, very fun and addictive.

Although the game is paid, and takes up a relatively large amount of storage space, it is an extraordinary game that marked many people's adolescence and even adulthood. RockStar did an incredible job with this game, as expected, and it brings us good graphic quality, which is surprising for the mobile version.

However, if you are thinking about playing GTA for the console version, or for the PC version, you have the option of purchasing through your console's store, or if it is for a computer, the option of purchasing via Steam, which is the computer games store, which costs a little more than what is being charged for mobile.

Bonus: The fun of GTA SA is the same!

If you are still worried and think that the mobile game is different from what it was on console, don't worry, as the similarity is faithful to what the console original was. But if you, a fan, or just curious about downloading the game, it is possible to make a “mess” in the city and reach the six “little stars”. To do this, many people at the time used codes/”cheats” to get extra items. And even for mobile, it's no different!

The codes for GTA San Andreas are very well known, people went to Lan-House's with sheets in hand with written codes, which in the end, always resulted in a “mess”. Also used to ease the game's difficulty, for those who decided to play in story mode. Ultimately, the bonus that we brought for you, are these codes/cheats, to make your experience even more fun and if you want, reach the six

little stars. Check out some codes below:

  • LXGIWYL: Weapons Level 1
  • KJKSZPJ: Weapons Level 2
  • UZUMYMW: Level 3 weapons
  • WANRLTW: Unlimited ammo
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT: A stunt plane appears.
  • GONPXWR: invulnerable to damage.
  • GKPNMQ: Cars now drive on water.
  • AMOMHRER: A Tank appears.
  • ROCKETMAN: A rocket backpack appears on CJ's back.
  • LXGIWYL: weapons pack, with baseball bat, 9mm pistol, AK-47, and rocket launcher.
  • FULLCLIP: Infinite ammo.
  • SPEEDFREAK: all cars have nitro.
  • KVGYZQK: CJ has maximized weight and muscle.
  • RIPAZHA: Cars can now fly.

Well, that's not all the codes we've included here, but if you want more codes to have fun, we've also separated the application below. It's an app that contains codes for released GTA's, download the app and expand your fun:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Information about GTA San Andreas

Gta san andreas for mobile
GTA San Andreas – Illustrative Image

Produced by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a game released in 2004 for PlayStation 2 and in 2005 for XBOX and Microsoft Windows. It's an open-world action-adventure type, and the game takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas. It tells the story of Carl Johnson, “CJ”, as he struggles to deal with gang wars, police confrontations, and relationships with his family.

GTA San Andreas is the fifth main title in the Grand Theft Auto series, and certainly the most memorable. Previous titles were not as successful as San Andreas. In 2004 it became the best-selling game, with an incredible 27.5 million copies sold, and to this day it leads the PlayStation 2's best-selling game ranking.

The GTA franchise began in 1997, released for PlayStation, Windows and Game Boy Color. Although the first games were not very prominent, the game underwent several improvements. This is how gamers liked it, the stories, the freedom to explore the open world. And that's why it's currently one of the most beloved franchises in the gaming industry.

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