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How to get code in Free Fire

See some methods to get your rewards in Free Fire!

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How to get codes on Free Fire? All Free Fire players have been asking this question, because with codes it is possible to purchase various items in the game, such as diamonds, rare Skins, emotes, among other things. Well, did you know that there are three methods for redeeming codes in Free Fire. And most players only know one method, which is through Rewards FF. However, this is not the only method fully allowed by the game developer Garena, there are many others.

And with that in mind, we're going to teach you how to use these methods so you can redeem codes on Free Fire. We at Few Ideas together with partner companies we release some codes for you. After all, they can be used to redeem and purchase items in Free Fire. If you like the idea, continue reading this article and we will detail it in detail so that you have no doubts.

Gift Card with Apps

Get code via kwai
Illustrative Image – App Kwai

In principle, there are two ways known to players to get Google Play Gift Card and AppStore Gift Card. The first way to get a free Gift Card is through some applications that provide balance. Therefore, these applications pay the user for completing daily tasks, such as: daily check-in, watching videos, answering questions, sharing the app with friends and even playing a certain game. And the second is, with Gift Card codes to use in the AppStore or Google Play.

Applications that provide balance on Google Play and AppStore

Initially, we separated two applications that we consider to be the best for balance. O Kwai, which is a short video platform. So, you can accumulate balance in the app by watching videos and inviting your friends. It is a very simple platform, paid correctly and the balance can be withdrawn at any time. Below is the download link and code:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Once downloaded, use the Code to start with a balance in the app: Kwai246982628

Got a gift card - quiz
Illustrative Image – QUIZE App

Another app we recommend is QUIZ, is a question app. Therefore, in order to accumulate a balance in the app, you must answer the questions. When you reach the minimum amount, the balance can be redeemed and later used on the Play Store or AppStore. QUIZE is recommended for its simplicity and for being fun. Below is the download link.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

In addition to these, there are several applications that provide balance, for Gift Card on Google Play and Gift Card AppStore, visit 8 Apps to Balance and Get Diamonds on Free Fire.

Google Play Gift Card redemption codes

It is possible to buy the Gift Card online, but there are also several physical stores that sell it, so if you want to buy it, it is not difficult to find. However, we, together with some companies, have made some Gift Card codes for Google Play available to you. Next!

  • BR5P – 43TH – DKQW – 6QCW
  • TX42 – 9EZZ – IO40 – FA9E
  • 1Z27 – 3E4L – 8KO2 – Y2QW
  • CICR – 78TU – 1118 – S0WZ

More Codes

Gift Card AppStore redemption codes

If you use iOS, check out the codes for redeeming a Gift Card in the AppStore below!

  • G501DMRD9L39BBPE
  • KA97X2E87H5WTPSN
  • 806D26P3GSU91JZI
  • T9J295V68EQB305J

More Codes

FF Rewards

The second method of redeeming codes in Free Fire, and probably the best known by Free Fire users, is the Reward FF. In the same way, the Rewards Redemption Site, is the official Garena code redemption website that periodically makes codes available through the Booyah streaming platform, in addition to making codes available to Garena influencers. The developer also partners with companies, such as SmileOne.

To redeem codes on Free Fire, you must access the website Reward FF, and follow the following steps:

1st step: Log in with a Facebook account, Google account, Apple account, Twitter account, among others.

2nd step: Enter the code, it contains 12 characters with letters and numbers (but it is necessary to respect upper and lower case letters).

3rd step: Rewards can be seen in the game, under the chest button. They will be added automatically.

4th step: Pay attention to the redemption date as it has an expiration date. But expired codes cannot be redeemed.

Quite simple, isn't it? Now below are the codes we have made available so you can make the rescue, check them out!

Redeem codes on Reward FF

  • 46NUMIZIE62X
  • 2C9NS9S6E9TK

More Codes

Game Recharge

Finally, the third method of redeeming codes in Free Fire is through Recarga Jogo. Likewise, it is another Garena website to buy diamonds. From time to time there are promotions for the acquisition of diamonds, ranging from 10% to an incredible 110% bonus. Furthermore, it also aims to rescue pin code of E-Prepag. If you don't know, E-Prepag is a virtual currency, which allows you to make payments to purchase credits for games, without having to wait for bank deadlines, such as Free Fire, PlayStation Store, Minecraft, etc. In other words, the credit drops after payment.

To redeem it is necessary to access the website Game Recharge and follow the following steps:

1st step: Select the game in the Free Fire case.

2nd step: Log in via Facebook or Player ID.

3rd step: Select the payment method, select E-Prepag. But you can choose other payment methods.

4th step: For the Diamond Bonus, add the promotional code or Pin Code, in the specific field.

5th step: Proceed with payment to complete the transaction.

Very simple, isn't it? Anyway, as promised below we have released some codes for redemption on Recarga Jogo, check them out!

Codes for redemption at Recarga Jogo

  • 50740063527248494970
  • 24341950264981400255
  • 48898837226291795963
  • 99565928410368105754
  • 08986440945858554360

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this article where we explain the 3 methods used to redeem codes in Free Fire. Such methods are completely legal accepted by the game developer, Garena. However, I ask you to share it with your friends who also play Free Fire. A big hug!


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