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How to identify Tik Tok songs

Now you can identify any song on Tik Tok!

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Today you will see how to identify songs on Tik Tok, in addition, some methods that will be presented can also be used to identify songs on any other platform you want, such as on a drama or any Anime you like.

Applications like Tik Tok and Kwai are famous for being 'viral', what could that be? These are apps with short videos that become popular for their bubblegum music that sticks in their users' heads. 

Thanks to these bubblegum songs, dance moves emerged where users produce and share among themselves. Because of this, some songs became quite popular too, however, in parts or even in remixes.

Using Tik Tok

How to identify tik tok songs
Tik Tok

The users of this application proclaim themselves 'Tik Tockers' and some of these users gain more attention than others and become public figures or, using a more well-known term, are influencers. 

How many times have you been scrolling through Tik Tok and said 'I know this song', or 'I would like to know the name of that song' well, some songs are easy to identify as, if you look in the bottom right corner of your screen you will see an icon shaped like a spinning vinyl record. 

When you click on this record, a new Tik Tok tab will appear suggesting some people who also used this same song and if you look closely at the top of the screen you will see the name of the song or remix.

Use the TokBoard Website

How to identify tik tok songs

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to use to know how to identify music on Tik Tok. Just search in a Google tab '''' of course you must remove the quotation marks so you can reach the desired site. 

This page presents a list of the most played songs on the Tik Tok application, including showing how many posts were made with these songs and the total number of views achieved by the clips.

This site is updated every week so you always have an updated list of Tik Tok songs, making it easy for you to find the most played hits in the last 7 days or the entire month, making it a great way to identify Tik Tok songs. 

The cool thing about this site is that it will tell you where that song comes from and of course in which place it is having the most success and you can also find the hashtags that are being used through these songs.

Using Spotify

How to identify tik tok songs

One of the simplest ways would also be to use Spotify so that you can see Tik Tok music playlists and so you can be very precise in identifying Tik Tok songs.

We know that some playlists are created both by the streaming platform and by the users themselves, so to find the most played songs of the moment just search for “Tik Tok” within the Spotify search bar.

How to identify Tik Tok songs using Google Assistant or Siri

How to identify tik tok songs
Google assistant and Siri

With this method you will not need to download third party applications and all you will need is a main phone which can be an iPhone or the other and we also recommend that you use a secondary smartphone so that it can help you in your mission of how to identify songs on Tik Tok.

Firstly, you must take your main device, then you must open the Tik Tok application and place the video you want. Then take your second device that is serving as support, and if you are using an iPhone, activate Siri and give the command “identify this song”.

Right after you do this search, when Siri identifies the song, it will appear for you. In the same way, whoever uses Google Assistant, you will give the same command and this is a great way to identify Tik Tok songs, I would even say a little broader than Siri.

As soon as your Google Assistant identifies your desired song, options for it will appear on YouTube, and then you just need to click on the streaming icon and listen to it. If you don't want to listen right away, just click watch later and it will be there.

Identifying Tik Tok songs with third-party apps

If none of the assistants mentioned above can identify the song you want, don't worry, there are external applications that can solve your problem in just an instant. See what these applications are.


How to identify tik tok songs

This is the first application we will mention here, and again, we will need a secondary cell phone to help us. First go to the app store and download the Shazam app. It's a free app and you can find it on Play Store as in the Apple Store.

Once that's done, just follow a few simple steps, first locate the desired song on your primary phone, and then, with your secondary phone, open the Shazam app, once it's installed, its icon will appear, just click on it and play the song. . 

SoundHound and Musixmatch

How to identify tik tok songs
SoundHound and Musixmatch

The other two applications are based on the application above, of course their mechanisms are different but the essence itself is basically the same without forgetting that you have the objective of how to identify Tik Tok songs. The SoundHound application has a good music library, but it is still inferior to Shazam.

The second application is Musixmatch, this application can try to identify the song just like the applications already mentioned above or you can use its characteristic function which is to put a part of the lyrics that you heard on Tik Tok and search and if that song is in your library you will easily find the music you want and these applications are available for free.

Sometimes you can find the name of the song you want just by reading the comments on the video itself, which is sometimes already fixed by the content creator or other users who simply enter the name or even the lyrics of the song.

What's so easy about current technology, most of the time you just need to sing a part of the lyrics of the song you heard on a streaming platform like YouTube itself. If you don't want to sing, just type some part of the lyrics that you remember, as shown in the video below!

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