How to Make Money Watching Short Videos - Few Ideas

5 ways to make money watching short videos

Check out the best app options for watching videos and earning!

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See how making money watching videos is easy. In this article we will show you 6 ways you can do it. This way you can earn extra income in your free time without much effort. After 2020, the ways of making money have multiplied. This is because we are becoming increasingly digital.

Currently, all of our activities, from the most basic ones like ordering a snack to developing complex projects, are done on the internet. And it would be no different with the way of making money. We can easily see the number of new professions that have emerged to meet this technological advance. As is the case with Youtubers, bloggers, traffic managers, copywriting, among others.

In short, it is possible to have your 100% income coming from the internet. Which is the dream of most people because it is considered something simple that is already in our daily lives. In addition to providing more flexible schedules, it does not require physical effort. So check out these 6 apps on how to make money watching videos.

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1. Kwai

This is the best known and most famous of all. But how to make money watching videos on kwai? Some people don't know but the app is not just a platform to have fun. It is also an income generator for those who want it. By completing daily challenges, watching videos, going live or inviting a friend you receive money.

By completing these tasks you receive “kwai Golds”, kwai coins. These coins can be exchanged for real money. But the most profitable way is to invite your friends or share videos with them encouraging them to use the app.

To download on your cell phone, click on the link copy the code and click on the “download kwai” button. Or download it from your phone's app store and add the code Kwai940757210 to start earning 100 kawai golds.

2. Make Money

First for you to learn how to make money watching short videos is the Make Money. A cell phone application that allows you to earn money while watching videos. Additionally, you can also earn money by answering opinion surveys. It is very simple to use.

But it pays in dollars, so you need a PayPal account to receive payments. After creating your account and linking it to the App, you are ready to start watching videos or answering surveys. The amount you receive varies depending on the video, that is, each video pays you a different amount.

To withdraw your money you need to accumulate the minimum amount of U$ 5.00 dollars, which is equivalent to plus or minus R$26.00 reais.

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3. How to make money watching videos on

A COS.TV It's another platform to earn money by watching videos. And in addition to videos, you can earn money by answering surveys and commenting and liking videos. When you register right away, you already receive a bonus, in addition to the daily access bonuses.

A difference with is that every hour a chest is available that gives you between 30 cents and 300 reais. However, payments are made through Binance, a securities broker. So to receive payments you need to have an account on the platform.

4. Swagbucks

This is the oldest and most reliable platform that pays you to watch videos. Here you watch videos and answer surveys while earning money. Each task you complete receives a value for the activity.

How to make money watching videos? to receive your winnings from swagbucks You must have a PayPal account as payments are made in dollars. But this is a great option for you to use your free time in a useful and profitable way.

5. How to make money watching videos on YouTube?

Have you ever imagined making money while watching videos on YouTube? Yes, this is totally possible. A skylom It's a platform a little different from the others, the videos you watch are directly from YouTube.

The platform works as follows: it suggests a specific video to you, you watch the video and then answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire is simple with only 3 to 5 questions. After sending the questionnaire you receive your money.

And in addition to being able to earn money by watching videos, skylom holds daily draws for values of up to R$3,000 thousand reais. Payments are made in dollars, so you already know that you need a Paypal account to receive your money.

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