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Learn how to add music to WhatsApp status

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If you love seeing your friends' statuses on Whatsapp with songs but don't know how to put them, no need to worry. You're in the right place where we'll teach you how to make your WhatsApp status your own.

We know that Instagram and Facebook already have the feature of putting music in Stories available. However, unfortunately this option is not yet available on WhatsApp. And even if you save your story with music, as soon as you try to post it to your status, the music will not be available.

WhatsApp cannot recognize the music, and therefore cannot play your photo with the music you want. But this is no longer a problem, as applications are now available that can put music in photos, and thus reproduce the photos you want to post in your status with music.

So no more difficulty, come make your statuses with your most beautiful photos and the songs you liked. Here in this post we will teach you step by step so that you can put your favorite songs with your photos on WhatsApp, with the application CapCut.

How to put music on WhatsApp status photo?

Putting music on your photos is very simple. You can do this by downloading an application called CapCut. It is a video editor, which is well known for being very easy to use. This app has several complete tools so you can edit your photos and videos.

How to put music on whatsapp photo
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There you have several editing options such as: cutting, reversing, and adjusting very easily. The app also offers several effects so you can improve your photos and videos, such as beauty filters, changing light and others. All these options so you can edit your photos and videos in the way you find most interesting.

You can use your imagination and create lots of cute, cool, or even exciting videos. So come and learn how to use this application, and include all your favorite songs in your photos, to post on your WhatsApp status.

How to use CapCut

To use CapCut, the first step is to install it on your cell phone. The good news is that it is available for both Android and IOS. And if you already want to install it, click on the buttons below and download it on your cell phone:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

As soon as you install the app, click “accept” and then tap the “+” icon to start editing. The app will then give you the option to select the file you want, which can be a photo or video. Once selected, click the “add” button. A little yellow question box will appear, click anywhere on the screen to make it disappear.

This way you have access to the options to cut the video size, include texts, effects and transitions. And all the other options that will be available in the icons below. And to add the music, click on “add audio”, and the app will give you several available sound and effect options.

How to put music on whatsapp status photo
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You can add background sound to your videos, letting your voice appear from the original video. And you can also use the “voiceover” option where you can add a recording of your own voice. In the “sounds” option you can choose the music according to the musical style, which are presented in categories such as rhythm, romance, etc.

Putting the music in the photo

You will select the music you want to put with your photo. Press the download icon to listen to the song. The “+” button will appear in the same place, click to add the music to your photo. Then drag the audio bar to fit the music to the clip however you want.

And to get the length of your video with music right, you must adjust the length of the photo. Select the clip where the photo is located, and the “edit” tab will open automatically. A white bar will appear around the clip, slide it to the length you want. Remembering that WhatsApp only allows 30 seconds.

How to put music on whatsapp status photo
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At the end of the video the CapCut mark will appear and if you wish to remove it so that it does not appear on your WhatsApp you can delete it. To do this, you just need to select the clip where the logo is located, click on the “Edit” icon and then click on “Delete”.

And finally, you will just need to save your edit on your cell phone. To do this, you will click on the arrow in the top right corner and wait for the export. And so you will be able to share your creation directly on your WhatsApp status. And if you want to make another one, just click on “Done” and you’re ready to start another edit.

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