How to Watch Live TV on Your Cell Phone for Free - Few Ideas

How to Watch Live TV on Your Cell Phone for Free

Discover the best apps for watching TV on your cell phone!

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Many people want power watch TV on your cell phone, but they don't know exactly how to do it, or even if it's possible. And with these people in mind, we decided to create this article, with all the guidance on how to Watch Free TV on your Cell Phone, and the best Live!

And this method is valid for both Android and iOS devices. In other words, it is functional not only on smartphones, but also on Tablets. Therefore, with this it is possible to watch that football game, soap opera or movie, wherever you are, just needing internet access.

The possibility of watching TV on your cell phone is thanks to the Rede Globo de Televisão application, GloboPlay. And the purpose of this article is to explain how the application works, registration and also answer some frequently asked questions. But if you are looking for something more, read until the end, where we will be providing an option to watch series and films on the 100% cell phone for free.

How to watch TV Globo on your cell phone for free

Glogoplay panel
Watch BBB 24 online - GloboPlay Image

As mentioned, the way to watch TV on your cell phone is through the GloboPlay app. But, through it you can only watch TV Globo, apart from all the extra films and series on the platform. Therefore, it is not possible, for example, to watch exclusive content from other broadcasters through it.

The application follows the model Freemium, that is, it has both free content and exclusive content for those who choose to subscribe to a paid subscription. The application, which is actually a streaming service, similar to Netflix, is accessible for both Android and iOS.

It is possible to watch in real time or recorded portions of the broadcaster's programs completely free of charge. Both newspapers, soap operas, series, miniseries, sports programs and even football games.

To watch Rede Globo programming, you must register, either on the app or on the website wherever you prefer. The process is very simple, and the account can even be created using Facebook, which greatly speeds up the account creation process. Below I will leave the link to download GloboPlay.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

However, as mentioned, the available content will be limited as it is a free account. Therefore, it is necessary to subscribe if you want to enjoy all the content, thus making the experience of watching TV on your cell phone more complete. Check out the available subscription plans in the next topic.

GloboPlay: Subscription Plans

To access exclusive content, you must subscribe. This subscription can be made with two payment plan options, monthly or annual.

Simple Plan: The simplest subscription plan costs R$ 27.90 in the monthly amount, or if you opt for the annual plan the amount is R$ 214.80 (the month costs R$ 19.90). This plan provides the user with content from Rede Globo + series and films. The opportunity to download content to watch offline, freedom to add up to 2 family members. Furthermore, when subscribing you will receive 1 year of Deezer Premium as a gift, as well as 3 months of Apple TV+.

Most Expensive Plan: The most robust subscription plan, and therefore also the most expensive! It has a value of R$ 54,90 per month, or if you prefer the annual plan it costs R$ 538.80 (the month costs R$ 44,90). Globo adapted to the market and managed to reduce its value over the years, making it accessible to people, in addition to being full of benefits. The same benefits as the simple plan, with the addition of freedom to watch Live and Premiere exclusive games, 19 channels to watch wherever you want, and up to 4 people can be included in the plan.

However, these are not the only plans available, there are other options with common elements, but with some different bonuses, Disney+, Live Channels, Disney+ Channels, Premiere, etc. check out here, all plans available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the main questions below about the application that allows you to watch TV on your cell phone, GloboPlay.

1. Is GloboPlay Paid?

Do I have to pay to use GloboPlay? The answer is no! Just like downloading the application, it is free, although with limitations on the available content. Check out what the Free content:

Journalistic programs, varied programs, sports, reality shows, excerpts from soap operas, and humorous programs. These are the ones that can be accessed recorded, but it is possible to follow TV Globo and the Futura Ao Vivo channel through the app (only in Brazilian territory!).

For other exclusive content on the application, you must be a subscriber to be able to “consume”.

2. How to Cancel the Subscription?

The subscription can be made through all platforms on which GloboPlay can be used, Android, iOS and the Website. Likewise, canceling the subscription must be done through the platform on which it was made, it can also be done on these same platforms. Click here and check out how to cancel on the different platforms.

It is important to remember that, if you have subscribed annually, you must cancel it, but as payment has already been made, the service will continue to be available until the contracted time expires, for example you contracted in December, but canceled in February, the exclusive content will remain available until December.

3. Other Questions

If you have any other questions, just access the “help Center” on GloboPlay itself. After all, a series of previous doubts have already been clarified there, and it is also possible there, if your doubt is not resolved, to ask your own question.

Bonus: Free Series and Movies on Cell Phone

Anyway, now that it has been explained how to watch TV on your cell phone with GloboPlay, it's time to fulfill the promise of our bonus on how to watch free Series and Films on your cell phone with another application.

barbie catalog
Barbie and Telegram Catalog – Illustrative Image

This application, although it may be possible to watch films and series, is not its main function, but rather as a messenger. That's right, I'm talking about Telegram, through it you can not only watch your favorite series and films, but also exchange messages without leaving the app. The application can be downloaded using your application store without charging fees. Once inside the application after registering, just type the name of the film or series in the Search Bar, if the film is available it will be visible, click to watch.

However, if you don't have something in mind to watch and want to look for a “catalog” to choose something, just type in the search something like: “films to watch” or “series to watch”. Once this is done, you can join a group dedicated to this content where several catalogs are usually available so you can watch it completely for free…

Final considerations

Anyway, in this article we seek to show you how to watch TV on your cell phone, which is possible through GloboPlay to watch content from the Globo de Televisão network. In the same way, we also teach a method to watch series and films on the 100% cell phone for free via Telegram.

But if you don't want to watch content from Globo, but from another broadcaster, just go to your app store and look for one referring to your preferred broadcaster. Although the work done by Globo was the best, therefore having the best rated application, which best meets the user's expectations.

Anyway, I hope you liked the tips, and that they met your needs, don't forget to comment, and if you liked them, share them on your social networks so that your friends can also discover how to watch TV on your cell phone.

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