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New Milhão PicPay Show – See how to Participate

See how to participate in the new Show do Milhão!

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One of the most iconic programs on Brazilian TV and one of the most remembered and beloved throughout SBT's history, Show do Milhão. Presented by the biggest presenter of talk shows, Silvio Santos, during the 2000s. A great success on TV, due to the plot, a question and answer program, and in the end, the participant had the chance to become a millionaire.

As a result, Silvio Santos' program, stopping Brazil, motivated people to get together to watch. Who has never sat in their living room to watch the program and answer the questions? Or hope that the participant can win the prize so desired by everyone! However, Show do Milhão returns after 12 years, and features Celso Portiolli, one of SBT's biggest stars, as presenter.

Million Show - Celso Portiolli
Celso Portiolli at Show do Milhão – Illustrative Image

SBT brought back the best program on Brazilian television, in partnership with the largest payment app, PicPay. That's why the new Show do Milhão Picpay, a question and answer program that gives you the chance to win 1 million reais. With a new and more modern look, but without losing the format and essence of the classic that was broadcast in the 2000s. Therefore, we at Poucas Ideias, will show you how to participate in the best program on TV, see below!

Show do Milhão app!

To remember the classic program, SBT created an application that simulates the program, with the same soundtrack. Furthermore, with the iconic voice of Silvio Santos, who narrates all the questions and actions in the game. And the best part, this game has two versions, the free one, and the “premium” version where you register and pay a fee, so you can compete for real prizes. But if you just opt for the free version, it won't affect the performance of the app.

On the other hand, the app/game can be a good entertainment tool, as the game is very fun. With it you can test your general knowledge through the questions generated. Also, the game can stimulate your brain, and in some ways help you, if you are the lucky person to participate in the program. Finally, the Show do Milhão game is available on Google Play, Android, and App Store, IOS platforms.

If you liked the app and want to download it to your cell phone, click on the button provided below and you will be directed to the application page in your smartphone's app store. The app is free and does not take up much memory space.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

It is worth remembering that the prizes in the game are only fictitious, that is, they are illustrative only and do not entitle you to any real prize. However, if you are a Pro/Premium subscriber and perform well in the game, you can compete for prize draws distributed in the app.

See how to participate

The Show do Milhão PicPay program began this September, and has already been a successful attraction for Brazilian TV. Many people want to participate in the program, either as university students, or as a special participant who will answer the questions asked by Celso Portiolli. So let's explain how you can participate in the program.

Participate as a University Student

If you want to participate as a university student, that is, to help people who are answering questions, you must meet some requirements. Basically, you must be a university student who is majoring in any course and apply. Before registering, you must create an account on the SBT website, and after creating the account, log in to register. And if you want to participate in the program in this way, just click on the button below to register, and thus be able to help the participant win 1 million.

You will be redirected to the official website

After registering and logging in, you can fill out the registration form. Your data has been saved, so you don't have to report it every time you register again.

How to participate and be a player in the program?

Previously said, SBT entered into a partnership with PicPay, which is the largest payment application in Brazil. The person will have the chance to participate through the app. O game show will receive 12 participants weekly, these are people drawn by the sponsor. In other words, if the person makes a payment via the PicPay app, above R$50.00 in an eligible way, or via the PicPay card, they will receive a lucky number and a chance to participate in the program.

Celso portiolli presenting
Celso Portioli presenter – Illustrative Image

Therefore, the number draws are carried out by Caixa Econômica federal, every 15 days. 48 participants will be drawn each month, so 12 participants will be selected for each episode of the week.

The PicPay transactions considered for the promotion, to compete for participation in the Show do Milhão are: payments on machines with PicPay via QR Code, Pix, bill payments, transfers between friends. However, transfers to the same CPF and loans between people will not be considered. And if you're not a PicPay user yet, you can download the app from your local app store. smartphone, available for free, on Play Store and App Store. We make it available for download, click the button below and be a PicPay user!

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

To be able to participate in the new Milhão PicPay Show, you must download the app, create your account for free and securely, and accept the terms and conditions of the draw. SBT celebrates its 40th anniversary, and the return of Show do Milhão, one of the main programs on Brazilian TV, the public receives as a great gift.

About the presenter

Celso Portiolli takes over the Show do Milhão program, the presenter has great charisma and acceptance by the Brazilian public. He has a lot of experience at Silvio Santos' TV station, and has already been in charge of several programs. He was in charge of the program “Passa ou Repassa” in 1996, and since then, he has gained various experiences and grace for the viewer. In July 2009, he took over the program “Domingo Legal”, and now in 2021 this new challenge, with Show do Milhão, acclaimed by everyone.

Final considerations

We at Few Ideas We hope you enjoyed the article, with the aim of informing you about the new Milhão PicPay Show. In addition to informing you how you can participate and download the Show do Milhão and PicPay applications, and thus provide you with fun, and the opportunity to compete for the most beloved program in Brazil. If you liked the content, share it with your friends. We are grateful for having made it this far, we wish you a great week and a big hug! To the next.

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