Register with BBB! The Greatest Reality on Brazilian TV - Few Ideas

Register with BBB! The biggest reality show on Brazilian TV

Find out how to register and how to participate in the most famous Reality Show in Brazil!

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Register with BBB, this could be your chance to participate in the biggest Reality Show in Brazil, and win the millionaire prize of R$1.5 million. The most watched house in Brazil and now you can be one of the participants. Big Brother Brasil is one of the most popular programs on the TV Globo network, as well as being the biggest reality show in Brazil for years, leading the audience.

Big Brother Brasil will return in its 24th edition under the command of Tadeu Schmidt, presenter of the program. And if you want to participate in the program and be a brother or a sister In the house, the first step is to register for BBB 24. With this in mind, we at Poucas Ideales decided to write this article, to help you register.

Big brother brazil - tadeu schmidt
Big Brother Brazil – Tadeu Schmidt

In this sense, in addition to helping you with your BBB registration, we will introduce you to many tips to stand out in your application, news, start date, and even spoilers of the next edition. So below, check out how to register for BBB 24 and all the other news for the next edition.

How to register with BBB?

Many people believe that there are several conditions for registering with the BBB, or that it is very difficult. But on the contrary, it is something very simple and anyone can try to register with the BBB. People who are interested in participating can simply answer a 90-question form on the gshow website.

In this report, it presents questions, the need to send photos and videos. And so the TV Globo group evaluates each BBB candidate.

Step by step to register with BBB

1st Step: It is necessary to access the gshow website, which is the official website for TV Globo reality shows. And if you want to apply, click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website

It is worth remembering that there are some requirements to be able to apply for the Big Brother Brazil. Are the requirements for people?

  • Be over 18 years old by December 31, 2022 and people up to 70 years old by December 31, 2022.
  • Reside in Brazil

In other words, this is the only registration rule, and so people from all states in the country can register and apply for the position. People of all genders, personalities, styles, beliefs, religions, popular and non-popular, can participate in Big Brother Brasil.

2nd Step: select your region and proceed by clicking on “Register”, filling in the form with all the requested data. Firstly, there are personal data such as full name, address, date of birth, etc. It is worth remembering that it is very important to provide the most used email, as the team will contact you via email.

3rd Step: Answer the 90-question questionnaire honestly and send the requested number of photos. You will need to make a video talking about yourself and one of the photos needs to be with an open camera or in real time.

4th Step: Complete your registration with BBB. Again, always keep an eye on your email, after completing the registration form, you will be notified. In addition, the entire reality show team gets in touch via email, informing them of the next steps in candidate selection.

Tips to stand out in BBB registrations!

Just like you, many people are looking for a place to perform at the most watched venue in Brazil. And only 20 people are selected, but one thing you may not know is that you can stand out against other competitors. In other words, being able to attract more production attention, and with that being able to be the youngest Brother or sister of the House. Check out!

  • Send photos of good quality and good visibility, your best photos, face and full body
  • Make the video in a bright place with good visibility
  • Always be sincere and honest, especially in the registration video. Show who you really are
  • In the interview, follow the tips above, be honest, sincere, don't be shy, let your personality stand out. Tell us a little about your qualities and defects.
  • Still in the interview, talk about your experiences, main moments in your life, both good and controversial. Answer all questions.
  • Dress in a presentable way, nothing too comfortable like home clothes, or something as formal as a job interview, and not even as flashy as at a party. Try to find a middle ground.

If you follow these tips, you will certainly stand out more than your competitors for the Reality Show.

What is the BBB 24 premiere date?

Well, always at the end of the year, people start to wonder when next year's BBB will start. And if you're wondering or speculating with people when you start, we can answer you. According to findings, BBB 24 is expected to start on the day January 15, 2024.

Therefore, if you want to participate in the program, you must hurry and register with BBB, and thus be able to compete for the chance to become one of the 20 participants. And it is worth remembering that the next management of the reality show has the same dynamics of participants, being celebrities and anonymous. In other words, Camarote and Pipoca, respectively.

Thaddeus Schmidt
Tadeu Schmidt

And besides, it continues with all the tests and rules and everything we always see on Big Brother Brasil. So let's see again, the challenging tests, angel and monster, wall, discord game, and above all incredible parties and much more.

Spoilers and News for the next edition!

And since we here at Poucas Ideias really like gossip, we’ve put together some interesting ones for you, reader. In this new season of BBB, according to Gshow the value of the final prize may change throughout the season. In other words, there is a possibility that the amount could be greater than R$1.5 million for the big winner. In the last season, the prize ended up changing, from 1 million to 1.5 million.

Furthermore, there are rumors that the audience may end up returning to BBB in this edition! This information was given according to journalist Matheus Baldi. After all, TV Globo is studying a way to regain public presence in the studio. This makes the program/reality show more interactive with the people who love the program.

And now we have the possible celebrities listed for the new edition of BBB 24, check it out:

  • Laura Brito, influencer.
  • Mariely and Mirella Santos, bloggers and singers.
  • Shaman, singer.

But it's worth remembering that this list above is not official, it's just the possible celebrities listed. In other words, the Globo network has not yet released the official list of participants, so far the only more than confirmed participant is Tadeu, who has already renewed as host of the program.

Why register with BBB?

If you manage to pass the BBB selection processes, you will be able to gain advantages that are:

  • Participate in the Most Watched House in Brazil
  • Being a Celebrity
  • Chance of Winning R$ 1,500,000.00

The big disadvantage is that participants are confined for around 3 months, away from family and friends. And those who leave early end up being eliminated from the program, due to not having the support of the Brazilian public and people, or due to bad conduct, violating the program's rules.

However, spending 3 months in lockdown and being able to be famous and earn R$1.5 million is so worth it. Mainly for people who are part of the popcorn group, this group being anonymous people. If you are part of this category and like the program, it is definitely worth signing up!

Final considerations

We wrote this article to inform you about BBB registrations, present some news and updates from this reality show on TV Globo. Finally, we at Poucas Ideias would like to thank you, reader, for getting this far, and we hope to have helped you with the tips and information, we hope that you can register for BBB 23.

Furthermore, we hope you enjoyed the tips on how to stand out when applying to the BBB. And if you liked it, we ask you to share this article with your friends. We wish you a great day, a big hug and see you next time!

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