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Scan documents on your cell phone with the best app

Discover the best methods for scanning documents with these applications!

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With the advancement of technology, we are seeing a countless number of applications for mobile devices, and a very useful one is the scanner application. I scanned documents on my cell phone with the best app, which is why we wrote this article to show you the best apps for this purpose. Scan documents at your workplace using a conventional scanner or printer. This takes a lot of time, as you have to position the document correctly, or with the papers locked, configure it, etc.

In this sense, using an app on your cell phone can make it more practical and faster to perform this service. As well as being able to scan images and documents anywhere, just by having your cell phone at hand. It's easier to scan a document using your cell phone than having to go to a scanning machine to do the same thing. In other words, transforming a physical document into a digital document, a PDF, which brings another form of security for companies and users.

Below we have separated the best applications for document and photo scanners. Which stand out compared to many other applications, due to their layout, ease of use, and quality in performing their main function. This is a very useful function for you who perform this type of work.

CamScanner app

This is one of the apps scanner for popular mobile devices, with more than 730 million user approvals. Highly rated as it demonstrates a simple and easy-to-use interface that has a full range of scanner activities. And that's why this application couldn't be left out, CamSacanner will meet your needs related to scanning documents.

CamScanner is free and can be downloaded from the GooglePlay and AppStore platforms, download the app and make your cell phone a powerful portable scanner. CamScanner uses your smartphone's camera to scan documents and photos, which you want to transform into PDFs. Also, with the app, you can instantly scan, save and share any document to JPG, PDF, Word or TXT. Therefore, with CamScanner you can work peacefully, without needing to go to a traditional scanner. Anyway, then click the button below and download the CamScanner app.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

CamSacanner has many functions, document sharing made easy. And if you feel necessary, send your scanned documents to the cloud, on DropBox, Evernot, One Drive and many others. Additionally, share files to view on WhatsApp, sending a document link or as an email attachment. There is the PDF converter, which supports multiple formats. In addition, the availability of several scanning modes. It is worth remembering that it is possible to make purchases within the app, but this does not prevent you from using it if you do not want to purchase a paid product from the app.

iScanner app and Microsoft Office Lens

There are several scanner apps that can be downloaded for both Android and IOS. And most of the time what people recommend is CamScanner, as they consider it to be the best app for this purpose. However, there are several other very good applications like CamScanner, and we are talking about iSacanner and Microsoft Office Lens. These are two great apps for scanning documents, many highly rated in stores.

Scan with mobile app
Scanner App – Illustrative Image

Microsoft Office Lens aims to make document scanning easier with its easy and simple layout. But we highlight here its function of making document images, such as photos, more eligible. So it is a very interesting application to have on your cell phone. Furthermore, the scanned document or image can be rendered into Word or Power Point. To scan the document, it uses the camera, and must adjust the area of the document to be scanned.

It is worth remembering that the application is available on platforms for free, however there may be in-app purchases, but this does not prevent you from using it if you do not want to make any purchases. Download the app directly from your smartphone's app stores:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

And the other app, iScanner, another scanner with a very good proposal, fast to carry out activities. However, a notable difference is that it is possible to scan math problems and complex equations, which you will be able to solve. And another function, “counting”, which automatically counts similar objects using your smartphone's camera. There are several other functions, but most of them are only available by paying for the PRO version. If you work in an office or have this need, it might be worth paying for this version. Below is the link to the app stores where the application can be downloaded:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Both applications may have in-app purchases, such as pro functions, which require a subscription, however, if you do not subscribe, it will not prevent you from using the applications.

Extra Information

We separated this field to tell you something that most Android and IOS phone users don't know. In fact, there is no need to download an application to scan documents. Well, if this is the user's interest, both devices have this function natively. Now, if it is a more specific function, such as solving math problems, then it is recommended that you download a third-party app.

In this sense, for users who have Android from the Galaxy line, the scanner function is found in the camera. When opening, just choose the “Optimize Scene” option and when taking the photo, click on “Scan”, so the document will be stored in the gallery, and that’s it. And if you are a Google Drive user, you can use the drive to scan the document, with the advantage of it being stored in Google Drive.

As well as for users using Apple devices, on the iPhone, the “Notes” application has the scanner option, and thus digitizes the desired document. Just open “Notes” and in the bottom right corner click “New Note”, when opened, at the bottom, click on the “Camera” symbol, and then on “Scan Documents”. Once done, position/frame the document in the image and click to “take the photo”. The document is saved in notes, and can be shared via email, or WhatsApp to people, etc.

Tips for scanning documents via cell phone

  • Place the document on a flat surface, preferably white.
  • Frame the document well in the camera image
  • Unwrinkle the document to be scanned
  • Do not place your cell phone in a shadow
  • Be in a well-lit place
  • Position your device correctly before scanning

Always put these tips into practice so that the scan comes out with good quality. This way, using your smartphone to scan documents will be a faster and more practical way, and can replace conventional scanner machines.

Final considerations

We at Few Ideas We hope you enjoyed this article, and that it helped you choose which scanner app to download. Through reports of certain functions that the applications have to offer. Or even not downloading third-party applications, since Android and IOS can scan with their native apps. Finally, we are grateful that you made it this far, and if you liked it, share this article with your friends. We wish you a great week, and a big hug! To the next.

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