Check out Where to Watch Turkish Soap Operas: The Best - Few Ideas

Check out Where to Watch Turkish Soap Operas: the Best

Check out the best apps to watch Turkish soap operas straight from your cell phone!

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If you are someone who enjoys watching Turkish Soap Operas but doesn't know where to find them, know that this article is for you. As you may already be imagining, today we will talk about the best places to watch and some successful Turkish soap operas.

Before we get into this subject for good, we know very well that international plots are a tremendous success both abroad and here in Brazil. Well, to tell you the truth, international soap operas are not only successful in Brazil, but also in Latin American countries.

And precisely because of this high success of international plots, many people ended up asking me how to watch Turkish Soap Operas. And without further ado, we will now finally talk about the best places for you to watch soap operas in Turkey.


Globoplay soap operas
GloboPlay Soap Operas

We will start this list of places to watch Turkish Soap Operas by mentioning one that many people already know, which is GloboPlay. However, despite it already being a very popular application here in Brazil, many people didn't know that Turkish soap operas were broadcast there.

And the fact that many people don't know that there are soap operas from Turkey is due to the fact that Globoplay is one of Rede Globo. Because automatically, many people end up thinking that there are no soap operas from other countries or broadcasters other than Globo, which owns the app.

And for you to watch Turkish Soap Operas on this app, it's very simple, just go to the app store on your cell phone and search for “Globoplay”. Once you have found the application, just download and create a subscription in it, which varies in price depending on the type of subscription.

The good thing about this app is that in addition to the Soap Operas, during the BBB season, you can follow the Brothers' lives for 24 hours, if you want.


Netflix TV

Netflix is a streaming application where there are series, films, documentaries, soap operas, in short, content of all types and tastes. And yet, it was kind of obvious that they would bring international hits to their catalog, such as Turkish Soap Operas.

Netflix is an application that I don't need to comment on, as I bet you already know it, after all, Netflix is extremely popular all over the world. But in case you don't know it, it is similar to GloboPlay, however, the diversity of content on Netflix is a little greater.

And if you're interested in watching Turkish Soap Operas on Netflix, it's very simple, just go to the app store on your cell phone and download Netflix. Within the App you can create your account and choose a plan for you, which varies between one, two and four screens.

And if you already have this application and a plan, just enter the Netflix and search for Turkish Soap Operas, which you will definitely find.


logo hbo max

And to close this list of applications that have Turkish Soap Operas, we will now talk a little about HBO Max. This is perhaps the least popular application among those mentioned in this article, but despite this, there is a lot of good content there.

A point you may not know about HBO Max, is that it is a video service operated by the company Warner Bros. And by the way, Discovery owns Warner Bros, which by the way, we are talking about one of the 5 biggest studios in Hollywood here.

Subscribers to this application have access to an incredible more than 10 thousand hours of content produced by HBO, DC, Cartoon Network. This content ranges from television shows, films, specials and documentaries.

And yet, with this great diversity of content found on HBO Max, Turkish Soap Operas could not be missing. And if you don't have HBO Max and want to get it, it's similar to the steps I mentioned above about how to have Globoplay and Netflix.

The Best Turkish Soap Operas

Now that you know where to watch Turkish Soap Operas, the time has come when we will talk about the best soap operas available in this country. And as you can already imagine, we will tell you what these soap operas are and where you can find and watch them.

Fatmagul 2010: GloboPlay

Fatmagul 2010, globoplay
Fatmagul 2010: GloboPlay

I'm going to start this list by talking about the “Novela Futmagul”, which as you can already see, is a 2010 production and available on GloboPlay.

And this soap opera tells the story of a young woman who lived in a small town who ended up being raped one night. And yet, when her fiance found out about this, he broke up with her and she was forced to marry one of the rapists.

A New Life 2020: GloboPlay

A new life 2020, globoplay
A New Life 2020: GloboPlay

We will now talk a little about “Uma Nova Vida”, which is a Turkish Soap Opera also available on GloboPlay. This soap opera tells the story of Yasemin, a woman married to a rich and powerful businessman, and Adem, a mere ex-soldier.

The ex-soldier becomes her security guard, and his objective is to protect her from enemy threats, including her own husband.

8 In Istanbul (2020): Netflix

8 in Istanbul (2020), Netflix
8 In Istanbul (2020): Netflix

Leaving aside the Turkish Soap Operas that are available on GloboPlay, we will now talk about those available on Netflix. And we will start this list by talking about “8 In Istanbul”, which tells the story of a group of people who need to transcend sociocultural borders.

This group needs to transcend sociocultural boundaries to make new friends, even when their beliefs, fears and desires mix.

Love 101 (2020): Netflix

Love 101 (2020), netflix
Love 101 (2020): Netflix

This Turkish production tells the story of four troubled young people and a model student who go on a mission to school. And this mission is nothing less than bringing together their teacher with a basketball coach, but something happens... These four troubled young people and the model student end up discovering friendship, love and the courage to be themselves.

Intersection (2016): Netflix

Intersection (2016), netflix
Intersection (2016): Netflix

This soap opera tells the story of Ali Nejat Karasu, who is a former racing driver and playboy, who transforms into a businessman. When he becomes a businessman, he is responsible for Karas Holdings, which is part of a group that his father built while. And his father built part of that group while making a fortune in shipbuilding.

However, Ali Nejat Karasu's true passion is still cars, and his biggest dream is to launch a new car.

A Miracle (2019): HBO Max

A Miracle (2019), HBO Max
A Miracle (2019): HBO Max

Now that we've talked about Turkish Soap Operas available on GloboPlay and also on Netflix, it's time to talk about soap operas on HBO Max. And let's talk now about a production from 2019, called “Um Milagre”.

This soap opera tells the story of a doctor who suffers from an autistic disorder and starts working at a hospital in Istanbul. And as you can imagine, because he is autistic, he will have to overcome prejudices from both his patients and even his co-workers.

Over time, he will find a family there at the hospital capable of appreciating the value of his special abilities.

The Choice (2010): HBO Max

The Choice (2010), HBO Max
The Choice (2010): HBO Max

We will close this list of Turkish Soap Operas by talking about “The Choice”, which as you may have already seen, is a 2010 production. This soap opera tells the story of an economics professor who is a trustworthy man. And this trustworthy man does everything he can to be the best person possible, but ends up having his life turned upside down.

At one point he is about to be promoted to dean. However, a slander made by a colleague ends up resulting in him being dismissed from the teaching staff.


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