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Track Your Pregnancy Using an App

See how to track your pregnancy with these apps!

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People who are expecting a baby or even planning to expand their family with a child feel the need to monitor their pregnancy. And with the advancement of technology, given the needs of these people, it became obvious to create applications that meet this demand. So the question arises, what is the best app to track pregnancy? Something very useful for parents who are expecting a baby, especially for mothers and fathers who are expecting their first child.

Depending on the expectation of having a baby, there is a need to have a pregnancy app. Which, by the way, is great for experiencing this important moment. There is the possibility of registering, monitoring the moment, and receiving medical advice. Therefore, obtain the best and safest pregnancy possible.

Track your pregnancy on the app
Pregnant women – Illustrative image

And that's why we at Poucas Ideias thought about helping you choose the best app to accompany you during this important period. And so be oriented and take precautions against possible occurrences. So below, see the best apps for monitoring pregnancy. Rest assured that the applications mentioned are available on GooglePlay and AppStore. Check out!

1st Pregnancy +

This is probably the most downloaded app in the world, with more than 40 million users, who download it to track their pregnancy week by week. The application is in the “top 1” in the search for pregnancy apps, in addition, it has a good rating from users, Android and IOS. And of course, it couldn't be left out, as it's a great application.

Pregnancy+ Functions

The application has several functions that stand out from many other apps, no wonder it is the first in its category. It presents a layout pleasant, easy and intuitive. Pregnancy+ supports each stage of motherhood. See its functions that stand out in the application, basically everything you need in an app for gestation period.

  • Daily Pregnancy Information
  • Personal diary
  • Personal weight diary
  • Information about diet, exercise and labor
  • Diary of visits to the doctor
  • kick counter
  • Color and scanned images
  • Contraction timer shopping list for baby
  • Pregnancy information week by week
  • A lot more…

In addition to these functions, personalization of the application for Parents, Grandparents and even other family members was not mentioned above. Also, if you haven't yet decided on your baby's name, the app has thousands of baby names available. Well, just download the app to have the experience and interaction with the app. Therefore, click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

However, it is worth remembering that the application does not replace medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy, it is extremely important that you contact your doctor immediately.

2nd My Pregnancy and My Baby Today

Track your pregnancy through the app
My Pregnancies and My Baby Today Panel – Illustrative Image

Secondly, the other highly rated and highly downloaded application on the GooglePlay and AppStore platforms, this one also has a very intuitive and simple interface to use. This application is second in the research ranking, as it has several prominent functions for pregnant women and first-time parents.

Functions of “My Pregnancy and My Baby Today

Let's mention some of the various functions available in this application, fun and useful, such as the belly photo gallery to record growth. Firstly, its main highlight is the Pregnancy Calendar, which will give you guidance and tips regarding this special period. In other words, in the calendar you can find articles on different topics such as health, food, exercise, etc. After the baby's arrival, the application becomes a daily guide for monitoring until the baby's first year. Anyway, see below more of the functions available in the application:

  • Baby name search
  • Pregnancy calculator
  • Pregnancy calendar with informative articles
  • Fetal development illustrations
  • Videos of how the baby is growing in the belly
  • Community and forums: to talk to other pregnant women, exchange ideas and ask questions
  • Take photos of your belly weekly and turn it into a video, and if you want, share it
  • Monitoring the baby's first year
  • Articles and videos about baby health and safety
  • Suggestions for activities with the baby
  • Baby care guidelines
  • Tips for mom and dad to take care of themselves
  • In addition to others…

Minha Pregnancy and My Baby Today is an application developed by BabyCenter, the health content is approved by a medical board. This way, it presents more reliable information, which is why thousands of people use the platform. However, it is extremely important that if you have any doubts about the pregnancy, you must consult your doctor immediately. And if you liked the app and want to download it to your mobile device, click the button below:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

3rd Pregnancy – Sprout

This application is also on this list due to a prominent function, which is impressive colorful images and 3D models of the fetus. It is indicated in 3D images, which grow according to the week of pregnancy, so you can monitor your baby's growth. This way you can see how your baby is growing in the mother's belly, it is an interesting function, very interesting for those who are curious to know how the baby is forming.

Another function worth highlighting is the “My baby” and “Doctor’s words” field, these sessions are highlighted here as they are written by gynecologists and obstetricians in partnership with some mothers, thus presenting exclusive material, for you who are pregnant or even think about getting pregnant.

More functions of Pregnancy – Sprout

  • Images of fetal development
  • Interactive 3D drawings of your baby
  • Images adapted to the baby's gender
  • Monitor the baby during the expected birth date
  • Choose your baby's name
  • Keep track of medical appointments
  • Create a list of questions for the doctor and record the answers
  • Task list
  • Maternity bag checklist
  • Receive information to care for your newborn
  • Pregnancy diary
  • Your pregnancy timeline
  • Weight control
  • kick counter
  • Contraction timer
  • Etc…

Well, there are still several functions not mentioned here that are very interesting, however many functions are only available in the version Premium, that is, the function is only released if the subscription is active. However, the application works very well without the need for premium, you can use the free version, and we believe it will help you a lot during this period. But, if you want to have all the experience and functions that the application can offer you, just subscribe.

As stated in other apps, we inform you that the application does not replace prenatal care, and if you have any doubts regarding your pregnancy, you must contact your doctor and receive the necessary guidance. Finally, below is the button to download the app on your cell phone and thus track your pregnancy using the app.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

4th Diet during pregnancy: what to eat

Finally, we present the last application on this list, this one presents a different proposal and is more aimed at future mothers during their pregnancy. “Diet in Pregnancy: what to eat” is an application for guidance on what to eat during pregnancy, and the diets that can be followed. Find the answers to these types of questions with this app. And rest assured, this is also available for Android and IOS.

The content on this platform is written by certified nutritionists to give you more confidence and assurance. And nutrition during pregnancy is an important factor for pregnant women, as it is linked to the development of the fetus. So the app helps mothers make better decisions about their diet.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Know what you can eat during meal periods, monitor your diet, find healthy alternatives to bad foods, save and learn healthy recipes for pregnancy, and prepare foods using your shopping list. Also, avoid potential risk of listeriosis or toxoplasmosis by checking food before eating, following the guidelines in this pregnancy app. Also, other functions available in this diet app and what to eat during pregnancy.

Well, this application is free, but several functions are available in the premium version, but this does not prevent you from using it if you only want to use the free version. However, we remind you that recommendations on nutrition during pregnancy are for informational purposes. In other words, they should in no way replace the advice provided by a qualified doctor. So if you have any doubts during pregnancy, it is important to see your doctor.

5th More apps to follow, premium

For the most demanding, we have separated this list with applications that are paid, but that provide more resources. However, the applications already mentioned release more resources if you activate the subscription. So you can enjoy everything the apps can offer, choose your favorite. From this list, search for the application in your application store on your IOS or Android cell phone. Check out!

  • Pregnancy and Lactation – R$12.99
  • Live Pregnancy – R$6.99
  • HiDaddy – Dads Pregnancy Guide – R$6.99
  • i Live – Gold Edition – R$5.49
  • Pregnancy Calculator – R$3.29
  • Period Tracker – R$1.49

Some courses for pregnancy care

For you mother or mother-to-be, who wants to have a good and healthy pregnancy, we have selected some courses that can help you during this period, just click on the one you liked most. Check it out below:

Our opinion, which is the best app for monitoring pregnancy!

Track your pregnancy via pregnancy+
Pregnancy+ App – Illustrative image

We at Few Ideas, we tried to separate the best apps for monitoring pregnancy, and our criteria were the functions available that we believe would be useful for future moms and dads. In other words, we believe that all the applications mentioned are great for the proposal. However, we believe that the best and most prominent is Pregnancy+.

We downloaded and tested the apps, and we really liked Pregnancy+, as it has a very simple and intuitive layout, in addition to many functions being available in the free version. There are articles with guidelines for the well-being of the couple, pregnant women and the baby, which are very well prepared.

Furthermore, Pregnancy+ presents some guidance on diets and good nutrition. The Diet during pregnancy: what to eat app, we also consider very important, is more complete, and provides recipes for preparing food, however, to have a good experience you need to subscribe. Anyway, we highlight this application, Pregnancy+, in order to inform our opinion about this list we made, and if you are still unsure which one to download on your device, this is the one we recommend.

Final considerations

We at Poucas Ideias want to say thank you very much for getting here, and we really hope that it helped you with information about tracking your pregnancy through a cell phone app. Furthermore, showing you the best application to download, based on our evaluation criteria, this is our opinion. Anyway, we also hope you liked it, and if you did, we ask you to share it with your friends who are also going through this special period. A big hug and see you next time.


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