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App that changes your voice: See the 3 best options

Are you looking for an app that changes your voice? We'll present the best options so you can have fun seeing what you would sound like with a different voice.

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This is a creative and different way for you to enjoy and play with your friends and family by sending audios with your altered voice. The apps have different filters and sound effects and allow you to record instant audio using several different voices.

With the voice changing app you can have the voice of a robot, a baby, the elderly, animals and even artists! You can change your voice on calls, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram audios, meaning you can play various pranks on people using just your cell phone.

Enjoy this super news!

If you want to hear your voice in a different and totally fun way, you'll do it thanks to the voice changing app. This way, you can try different types of voices until you find your favorite one that will suit you best.

Now you can try new experiences in the palm of your hands!

The application that changes your voice is used for different occasions, such as recording audio with different voices, playing a game with a friend, or for any occasion when you are unable to use your voice and want to communicate better.

App that changes your voice
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Anyway, there are several occasions on which you can use the application, without a doubt you will be able to make the most of what it has to offer, check out some of its features now.

Features of the voice-changing application

The voice-changing application has several features and one of the options is to use different voices from films, series and TV shows. With just one click you can have the voice of iconic people like Silvio Santos, Goku and much more.

Check out the options and voice suggestions that the application offers:

  • Famous characters from old and current films;
  • Heartthrobs from old and acclaimed series around the world;
  • Children's cartoon characters famous for their distinctive voice, such as Mickey Mouse or Scooby Doo, among many others;
  • Presenters of well-known media programs;
  • Famous singers across the world of music and much more;
  • You can also change the tone of voice to become completely unfamiliar;

Another feature is to make narrated videos, without a doubt you have already watched a video with different voices and super funny narrations that went viral on social media. These videos are made using the voice-changing application, which is super versatile and you can create different things from it!

To make a narrated video is very simple, just type the text and choose one of the different timbres in the application that changes the voice, so the text will be narrated and your video will be more interesting.

Now that you know all the features of the voice-changing app, check out the list of the 3 best options!

1. Change voice with effects

App that changes your voice
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Let's start by introducing Voice Changer with Effects, which is one of the best in the voice changing app category. It is free and only available for Android users:

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Using the application is very simple, after installing it on your smartphone, open the application and record audio and apply the available effects. You can use it both to play jokes with friends, and to build a fun story that contains different voices, for example.

In it you will find different effects to make your audios more fun, such as: Helium Gas, mechanical voice like a robot, cave, space mutant, deep voice, monster, little creature, telephone, drunk, dark cyborg, underwater , villain and more.

After recording your audios, you can share them with your friends via social networks, or if you prefer, you can save the audio in your phone's memory. This way you can use this audio with alarm ringtones and notifications.

2. Crazy Helium Snap Video Booth

Application to change voice
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The idea of this voice-changing app is to have fun! As the name itself makes clear, yes, the “helium voice” is one of the options available in the application, but it doesn't stop there, you can do much more with it. It is a free application and is only available for iPhone users, click below and install:

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In it you will find several tools such as voice speed control, making your audio faster or slower, and it also has over 30 different sound effects to change the voice, such as the voice of a squirrel, mouse, robot, bear, violin, among many others.

Another really fun tool in this app are the facial filters that allow you to personalize that selfie and you can also use these filters in your videos. In the option to create videos, you can also add a song to sing along or do a funny dub.

The coolest part is that you can perform all these edits with facial filters and also voice filters on videos already in your cell phone's gallery. After recording, simply save it on your cell phone and share it with your friends on social media.

3. Narrator's Voice

Application to change voice
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Another application option that changes your voice is Voice of the Narrator. With it you have more than 200 voices, in different languages that can be used in both audio and text. This app is a great option as it is available for both iPhone and Android users, and can be downloaded directly from the app stores.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

After installing the application on your cell phone, you will be able to take advantage of all the functions it offers and use iconic voices such as Chaves, Goku, Vegeta, Neymar, the voice of Anonymous, Sombra, and many others. This way you can send funny audios to your friends on social networks, with humor and lots of fun.

The application is free, has no text limit and also works offline, with it you can convert your texts into audio, and also take advantage of the various voice effects, where you can create your own voice effects.

It's a great app for you to create viral videos on social media like Youtube and TikTok!

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