Watch The Farm for Free on Your Cell Phone - Few Ideas

Watch The Farm for free on your cell phone

Find out how to watch the Farm directly from your cell phone!

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A Fazenda, the TV Record reality show, reached its 15th edition this year, and brought new features such as the change of presenter. Previously, the person responsible for running the program was presenter Marcos Mion, but he left Record and signed a contract with TV Globo. And for this reason, the new presenter took over the reality show, which is Adriane Galisteu, who also presents Power Couple.

In fact, the headquarters where the pedestrians are confined is located in Itapecerica da Serra, in São Paulo. And there the 21 participants will compete for the prize of R$1.5 million reais.

The reality show A Fazenda is very controversial because it always features famous people from music, internet and television. Including some who were canceled due to their attitudes that were leaked on the internet.

How to watch A Fazenda on your cell phone?

So, if you want to see up close everything that happens in the reality show, stay up to date with the controversies and still root for a participant, but don't have time in the schedule. So the best way to see everything up close is to access alternative channels.

YouTube: Youtube is the biggest video platform out there and you can find everything there. As well as music videos, humor, tutorials, TV shows and more. This way, television channels are also on the platform, and they post content without cuts. So, you can watch the reality show A Fazenda for free on your cell phone, and the best thing is that there you can watch it as many times as you want, pause and rewind the scenes. So, to watch for free on your cell phone, subscribe to the Record TV channel, or the Fazenda channel, there you can see all the episodes in full.

PlayPlus: it is a streaming platform, which belongs to the Record television network and you can download it on your cell phone and watch it for free or, if you prefer, subscribe to the platform. In particular, the Farm program is live on the platform 24 hours a day. In other words, you don't miss anything that's happening, and you can tell your friends the news.

Even more about PlayPlus and broadcasting A Fazenda!

Well, just like Globo, the Record TV network also has its own video streaming platform. In other words, Record's PlayPlus streaming platform, with all of the broadcaster's catalogs, and several other films and series. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that PlayPlus has the possibility of watching its content for free, but also for a fee. The famous service Freemium presented by some application companies. With the subscription, you release Record's completely exclusive content.

In this sense, it becomes a desire for many users to be able to watch television on their cell phone. But the app can also be downloaded on devices such as Tablets, SmartTV, PCs and, as mentioned, cell phones. And now, we at Poucas Ideias want to tell you how the PlayPlus app works. How to register, how to watch for free and how to subscribe if you want.

Participants on the farm 2023
Participants A Fazenda 2023 – image released: Record TV

Firstly, if you want to download the PlayPlus application, just click the button below. And it's worth remembering that this app is free and available for Android and iOS. Click the button to download, and continue reading to learn more about how to port the app.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

After downloading the app on your cell phone, simply register within the app. Very simple, with full name, email, age, login and password. Once this is done, you will now enter the platform and have access to Record content. Therefore, you will be able to watch programming in real time, such as soap operas, newspapers, films, series and programs. The entire experience of watching TV, but all on your cell phone, whenever and wherever you want.

PlayPlus Subscription Plans

As we have already informed, the application fits with services Freemium, and features its free and paid content. Real-time transmission is available without the need for a subscription. In other words, the same programming as open TV. Furthermore, if you want to watch A Fazenda, you can watch it in real time. But you can also watch the best moments via cuts, given in the application itself.

And regarding the subscription fee, the plan with exclusive content, worth R$15.90 per month. And if you subscribe, you will be able to watch A Fazenda 24 hours a day, so you can follow what the farmers/farmers are doing in full. You can follow along, or if you want to see the daily episodes, which are a summary of everything that happened on the day of the Reality Show. This way you will follow the latest edition of A Fazenda and always have conversations with your family and friends.

Other options for watching the reality show

Finally, another way to follow the farm is through subscription channels. So if you have one of these operators you can follow all the programming: Claro TV, Oi TV, Sky, Vivo TV and Net. The program is shown from Monday to Saturday at 10:30 pm and on Sunday at 11:15 pm.

But if you don't have a subscription channel, you can also watch it for free on Record TV's open channel, during local programming times. In short, the reality show airs at 10:30 pm Brasília time with the following schedule:

  • Monday: Fireproof
  • Tuesday: Roça vote
  • Wednesday: Farmer's Test
  • Thursday: Elimination Day
  • Friday: Farm Party
  • Saturday: Best moments of the party
  • Sunday: Week Summary

Vote The farm

To vote for the person you want to continue in the game of The Farm, just access the website, on the home page click on “The farm” in the top bar. Then click on “vote” below the photos of the participants. Unlike BBB, you don't need to register to vote, which makes the process much easier and more practical.

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