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Watch TV on your cell phone live and for free

See how to watch TV for free directly from your cell phone!

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Many users want to be able to watch TV on their cell phones. And with this in mind, we created this article to clarify and guide you so you can watch TV on your cell phone live and for free. Therefore, it will be possible through the Rede Globo television station application, GloboPlay. Globo launched its accessible platform for Smartphones, Tablets, whether via IOS or Android, SmartTVs and even computers.

GloboPlay is a streaming platform where you can watch Globo programs, soap operas, newspapers, films, series, and miniseries, sports programs and even football games, among other things. After all, it allows the broadcaster's programming, in real time or recorded parts of the programs, free of charge. And it's a template app Freemium, that is, it presents free content but there may be a cost to access certain exclusive content.

Watch globoplay
GloboPlay Catalog Illustrative Image

Well we from Few Ideas We want to clarify how the application works, how to register, inform you about subscribing to exclusive content. Also at the end of the article we have separated for you another application in which you will be able to watch movies on your cell phone completely free of charge. Check it out below!

How to watch TV Globo online for free on your cell phone

Globo leaves the majority of its programming open to users, that is, free of charge, such as live broadcasts, football, newspapers, programs, and even films and soap operas. And to be able to watch Globo, you will have to download the app and register, presenting information such as email, name, date of birth, etc. It is also possible to link your Facebook account. If you prefer, registration can be done via the website. This way you can watch it at any time on your device. Click the button below to Download the application and watch TV on your cell phone.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

However, if you want to have access to Globo's exclusive content, you will need to subscribe, as well as free channels, more films, soap operas and series that can be watched at any time. In addition to sports games, which are reproduced live on the TV channel. This way you will have a complete experience and can watch TV on your cell phone.

GloboPlay Subscription Plans

Previously it was said that to have exclusive content, you must be a subscriber, so you have the option of a monthly or annual plan. The exclusivity of being able to download the film, or episode of a series to watch offline, provides access to more than one person. Plus, 1 year free Deezer Premium, online music platform. And depending on the plan you subscribe to Disney+ is available to watch and enjoy the exclusive content.

If you are thinking about becoming a subscriber, there are several versions of subscription plans. In other words, the simplest plan, which provides Rede Globo content + series and films, has a monthly price of R$22.90 or in 12 installments of R$19.90. The most expensive version offers Combo Globoplay + live channels and Premiere for a monthly price of R$99.90 or the annual plan in 12 installments of 94.90.

How to subscribe to GloboPlay, watch TV on your cell phone?

Once registered, click on the “Become a Subscriber” button, there you can choose which plan best meets your needs. It is important to remember your login and password to be able to connect to other devices or give access to whoever you want. Because depending on the plan you choose, there can be two or four people with access. Then choose the subscription plan that best suits you using the button below, and be able to watch TV on your cell phone.

You will be redirected to the official website

Finally, for the payment method, simply fill in your card details, number, name, etc. You can choose between credit or automatic debit. Finally, read the subscriber contract to clarify any doubts, or request the “Help” button. Once this is done, your subscription is complete and you can access exclusive content immediately.

Frequently asked questions from users

1. Do you need to pay to use GloboPlay?

Just like downloading the app, GloboPlay's basic content is free. So you can watch it without paying anything depending on your region, see below what you can watch:

  • Journalism, variety, sports, reality shows.
  • Excerpts from soap operas and TV Globo comedy programs.
  • Watch TV Globo and the Futura channel live (only available in Brazilian territory).

It's worth remembering that to have all the exclusive content and watch TV on your cell phone you need to be subscriber. And as a subscriber, you can enjoy exclusive series, chapters, comedy programs, and complete episodes of TV Globo soap operas.

2. But how to cancel GloboPlay?

If you have an annual GloboPlay subscription, you must cancel the automatic renewal for the next year, but your access will continue normally until you complete the entire contract period. To find out how to cancel Click here!

However, subscription can be done through multiple platforms, so cancellation can be done through multiple platforms, Click here and find out more.

3. Other questions!

If you have any further questions, you can access the GloboPlay “Help Center”, after all, any possible doubts can be clarified there. And if your question is not in this tab, there is a specific field to ask your question. Finally, go to “help Center” and clear your doubt.


Watching TV on your cell phone obviously doesn't leave out films and series, and as previously mentioned, we have put together for you an application that allows you to watch films completely free, but not only that, its main function is to exchange messages, yes ! This is Telegram, which is an instant messaging application, and is one of the 10 most downloaded applications in the world. With it you can watch on your cell phone at any time. Additionally, several films from GloboPlay It is Disney+ you can find it available to watch on this app.

Highest-grossing films
Highest grossing films and Telegram app logo – Illustrative Image

On Telegram, if you want to watch a film or even a series, just type the name of the film or series in the search bar, if the film is available it will be visible, click to watch. But you can also type in the same search bar, something like “movies to watch”, and then you can join a group focused on films and series. Several catalogs are usually available so you can watch them completely free of charge.

Final considerations

Finally, we at Poucas Ideias thank you, reader, for getting here, and we hope to have helped you with tips and information for watching TV on your cell phone with the GloboPlay app. After all, we also hope you enjoyed our extra tip on how you can watch movies and series for free. And if you liked it, share it with your friends. A big hug and see you next time!

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